NaBloPoMo Day 12: Favorite Horse Color


Bay. Black points. Small star. No other white. Basically, my Gemmiecakes.


Dusty says it is boring, but I love a shiny bay butt with some back points. White annoys me solely because it is impossible to keep clean here in the red clay world of the southeast and I am nothing if not a keep it simple, low key horse owner. My horse lives outside, gets to keep all her hair and maybe gets a blanket thrown on a few times a year. I make sure to groom her before every ride, but the dark coat goes a long way to help hide a lot of dirt.

Having said that, color is my least important factor in purchasing a horse, so who knows. I may find myself owning a palomino (my least favorite color) some day. Stranger things have happened.

8 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo Day 12: Favorite Horse Color”

  1. I have owned many bays in my life and agree they are easier to keep clean than most. But i have to say Remus is dirt colored and hides many mud/manure stains easily. I never thought about the clay though. OMG I remember a friend had a paint and it was literally clay colored all the time cause they lived somewhere with clay!


  2. I always seem to have plain bays with no facial markings at all, and maybe a sock if I am lucky (my favorite 3 horses were all like this). I have had 2 chestnuts who I didn’t get along overly well with too.

    My favorite colour is a dark dark dapple grey but I will probably never buy one because they lighten up and are prone to melanomas 😦

    My least favorite colour are paints (sorry everyone haha)


    1. Plain bays for the win! I like dark greys but they lighten and sometimes it isn’t such a nice transition. Flea bitten is one of my least favorite. I’m not a paint person either. I’m pretty darn boring


      1. Completely agree about the greys.

        Most favorite = dark grey

        Least favorite = fleebitten

        It is a dilemma!

        I don’t mind the pally’s and the buckskins but I do feel (at least here in Australia) that often the colour is bred in at the expense of the quality. So whilst I appreciate the fancy goldness, it usually comes with a drawback somewhere else.


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