About Me

Hello and Welcome!!

About pages always give me pause. How do you sum up your entire identity on one single page? What do you choose to focus on or leave out? Who do you want to be?

Statistics, such as my age or years spent riding, don’t really give a good picture of who I really am. I’m in my mid 30s, if it matters. I’ve been riding darn near all of them minus a break in high school to pick up competitive white water canoeing and then again in medical school. I have a son who I adore and a wonderfully supportive husband. But what does that really tell you about me? Indirectly, you now know I am a doctor of some sort and that I used to canoe.

So how about this instead….

While I am not a religious person, I am a spiritual one with deeply held beliefs about the world and what comes next. Working with the elderly has given me a very distinct perspective on life, aging and dying. I hear tales of past exploits, current motivations and future plans. I see those who are content with what they have accomplished and those who wish they had more time.

It has left me with an ingrained distasteĀ for repetitive living. You know the feeling – like you are in a rut. The very word sends shivers up my spine. Some aspects are by their very nature repetitive – work, activities of daily living (grocery shopping, paying bills, getting gas in your car) – and that is just about enough for me. It has led to living in 4 states, 6 cities and now in my 7th house. It has led to starting a business so as to not feel trapped by a boss. It has led to new opportunities in that business and an ever changing future plan.

I believe that the best thing we can do for ourselves is to be open minded, to receive new ideas and experiences and to never stop learning. While I love to horse back ride, it is not all consuming. I also run, read, write to pen pals, journal, doodle, and love to travel.

This need for new experiences, new learning opportunities and new perspectives drives me onward in my life with the ultimate goal to be happy, fulfilled and reach the end of my days without a futile white knuckled grasp of a dwindling present.