Waggy Tail

Life is Short….Get the Puppy

One and a half years ago my heart was ripped out and shredded when Bones left us. I always knew she was my special girl, but it has taken me this long to find peace with her passing. 

This summer I found myself smiling at her memories instead of becoming teary and I knew it was time to fill the large void that she left. I love Einstein, but there is something about a big dog that I miss dearly. 

Now you’d think being married to a vet would make the dog selection process easier. In fact it is quite the opposite. Every breed I mentioned was responded to with a laundry list of health and behavioral issues. Finally I landed on one that would fit in perfectly and for once the hubby was silent. That’s as close to approval as I’ll ever get when it comes to adding a furry family member. 

All that was left was selecting a breeder and waiting for puppies. Turned out I didn’t need to wait. A breeder in Aiken had a litter from May 17, 2017 with four females ready for homes. We went to “just look” on Saturday afternoon and came home with this little ball of floof. 

Wyatt promptly named her Waggy Tail. Not my first choice but better than his typical Wyatt or Gizmo. We will call her Wags for short.

Wyatt immediately fell in love and I have some serious competition for puppy time. She sat with him in his car seat most of the way home and if she is allowed to walk on her own it s a miracle. I don’t mind though. She is going to get big fast and soon will be too heavy for him to lift. 

He snuggled with her for nearly the entire 2 hour ride home. I have a feeling they will be fast friends

I really hope she becomes Wyatt’s best friend. I believe every little boy needs a dog best friend and Einstein just isn’t it for him. 

As for me, I’m already quite taken to her. So fluffy. So cute. So loveable. I can’t wait to see what all we do together. Einstein isn’t so sure about her just yet. She is a bit small for him and he isn’t so keen on sharing after all these years alone. He will start loving her too once she gets big enough to interact with him more. 

She loves to snuggle. Something I’ll need to remember once she hits the teenage years
I have a dozen of these shots of her. She is hard to take pics of!
Puppy pounce!
Little ears can still flop
Be still my heart
All worn out

Welcome to the crazy family, Waggy Tail!