Farm life

Another Offer. Another Heart Break?

As soon as Farm #1 died, we got busy looking again. Our agent had made a lot of mistakes that could have been extremely expensive for us and while I felt bad the deal fell through for her, I knew I wanted a different agent who was more land savvy.

Not knowing anyone, I took to FB and asked on a few different horse sites for recommendations. This resulted in three names. The first woman sent me ads well out of my price range in areas far out of my radius from work. The second was a contact through a friend and she was super nice and knowledgeable, but didn’t have anything she knew that was listed. She did have a farm not on the market but willing to sell which ended up being the prison house.

The third guy was the jack pot. He had a listing that apparently nobody else knew about or at least never showed us. It checked all my boxes on paper: at least 30 acres, within 20 minutes of my work, schools I wouldn’t mind putting Wyatt in, and with at least a 3 bed/2bath house on it. With the needs checked off, we moved to the wants. It had a barn, fencing, stocked pond and an arena with lights. This thing was looking good!

Last Tuesday we went and looked at the property after work. The house was off limits due to a power outing from a bad storm over the weekend. This worked in our favor though as it forced a second look and made us refrain from an emotional offer.

We liked what we saw. The grounds were needing a bit of TLC as it had been left to nature for a while, but the bones were are there and functional. We scheduled a showing of the house for last Saturday.

The house didn’t disappoint. The original building is from the 1800s and has been added on to twice. Dusty wasn’t as enthused about it due to some wonky floors and a bit of a maze feel, but I loved the character of it. These new quickly built box houses with no nooks or crannies aren’t my thing. I love a house with character and this one had it in spades.

We left the property and looked at three other places with more land than this 30 acre plot, but none of them would have worked for us for various reasons. That night we stayed up late talking about it and sent in our offer the next morning.

After a bit of go between we had an accepted offer that we were satisfied with! Now on the the hard part: waiting out the inspection and appraisal. I’m hoping since the property has fencing, a 16 stall barn (no clue what I’m going to do with all those stalls), an arena, a pond and a bigger house that it will appraise better than Farm #1 did which lacked all of that.

After we made our offer I was texting with a couple local horse friends and told them about the place. Apparently the Farm was a huge local show venue 15 years or so ago and both knew it intimately. The history alone is so cool!

We will see how this goes. We have a tentative early December closing, but after the last appraisal debacle I’m not holding my breath yet.