Welcome to The Roaming Rider.

Wondering what on earth you stumbled upon?  Well..truth be told it is a little bit of everything.

What started out on another platform as a horse specific blog has now morphed into so much more. On this site you will find yourself immersed in the life of a woman trying hard to not get type cast in her own life.

I remember a friend in high school had one big goal in life:

“When I get asked what I do, I don’t want to immediately answer with my job. I want to answer with: I hike, I canoe, I live”

I’ve long since lost touch with her, but the sentiment stuck with me and I sincerely hope that it stuck with her too.

When you think about things, you start to realize that 75 trips around the sun just aren’t that many. Specially when you throw out the first 16 or so and then have to hope that the last 10 are still viable as well. The fact is, there is a lot more stuff to learn, do and see than there is time to do it all.

This blog is a place to share all the parts that make up my life – not just about horses, running or being a mom. It is about being an entire being with hopes and dreams that reside in all sorts of realms. It is about a full time working mother trying to fit it all in while maintaining 100% focus on her son.

It is about the grandest scale of failure.

On here you will read about my trials and tribulations horse back riding, trying to learn to like and then love running, the 2017 reading challenge, my love of writing letters, adventures in parenting, and when HIPPA complaint and suitable, being a solo practice podiatrist in a health care world that is slowly being swallowed by big business.

Come and join me in my love affair with trying new things, learning new skills and reaching new levels of highs and lows. I can’t promise that it will be inspiring, life altering or even captivating, but I bet it will be, at the very least, entertaining.

Leave comments please, but I will warn you now. If you are mean, self serving or personally attack me, my family or friends, you will not only be deleted and banned to the deepest circle of Dante’s Inferno, but you will also most likely lose in whatever game you are attempting to play. I have Sicilian blood coursing through my veins and I don’t take well to threats, belligerence or just plain being mean.