2018 Goals….Sort of

Last year was the first time I set yearly goals in writing and it went….poorly. Mostly because I changed my entire focus two months into the year and basically every goal was made obsolete. It was mildly annoying each quarter to look back and realize that nothing I set out to do was going to happen.

In lieu of grand yearly goals for 2018, my focus will be on quarterly goals. I figure that this way I can focus on where we are and where I’d like to be in a more fluid and probably more realistic manner although I still have some things I’d really like to see happen by end of year so perhaps I’ll still throw some bigger plans out to the Universe and see what happens.

Quarter 1


1) Get back to a 2-3 times a week riding schedule for consistency. I have the arena at home now and lights. Really there are no valid excuses left.

2) Twice monthly lessons. The last two months have been rather dry due to the move and the holidays. The beginning of the year slows down at work quite a bit too which should help.

3) Switch feeds. Triple Crown has been disappointing since the sale to Purina. I’ve talked to a new rep from another feed that seems promising and with only one bag of TC remaining in my feed room (holy crap I have a feed room!!) it’s time to make the switch.

4) Figure out a good mix of flat rides versus jumps at home. Now that I have a few standards I can jump at home for the first time ever. I’m very nervous about this since I haven’t the foggiest idea about how to set up an exercise. I need to find my 101 Jumping Exercises book and get cracking.

5) Make it to two h/j shows and don’t wimp out of the 2′ division for absolutely no reason. Time for the big girl panties to come out.

6) Make it back out on the cross country course for schooling again.

7) By the end of the quarter have Gem accepting my leg at the trot and begin work on better bend using inside leg


1) Get the left side of the property situated. There are two fence lines I want to condense to turn three pastures into one. There is a fourth pasture there too but this one needs some fence work to make safe and a plan on how to connect it through a small patch of woods.

2) Look at the right side and start some tentative plans. This half is trickier as there is a section of woods with a deep creek separating two pastures and then an open area that was used as a burn pile separating another. I’d love to plan a cross country field over on this side. Tentative planning will help future ideas.

3) Hang real cross ties in the aisle and wash rack

4) Make some early plans for the tack room organization

5) Figure out stall bedding. Having never dealt with stalls before I’m a bit clueless as to what works best. Since they are only in stall for a few hours total a day the stalls don’t get that messy. I’ve been stripping them once a week and it’s been fine. The pine shavings I grabbed at TSC are ok but there has to be a better way to buy in bulk.


1) Ride 2-3 times a week with a mix of solo rides at home and lessons

2) Continue to work on my lower leg position. I’d love to have it in muscle memory by end of the quarter

3) Learn to relax when jumping. Trust Gem a bit more and go with the flow better.

4) Gain a better balance with the release over jumps. Right now I either throw my reins all the way up by her ears losing all contact or I don’t release much at all and get her in the mouth.

By End of Year

1) Complete a HT at any height, most likely amoeba (18″)

2) Begin work over 2’3″ stadium fences

3) Have a decent canter in dressage with ability to show the BN dressage tests

4) Have all pastures reconfigured