The End of an Era

It hit me harder than I anticipated. My daily life isn’t changing. I’ll still go to work Mon-Fri 7:30 am – 5:30 pm. Wyatt has been getting dropped off at daycare/pre school since he was six weeks old. It isn’t new territory to put my son in the hands of a stranger to help raise.

Yet I found tears clouding my vision as I walked him down the hallways of his new elementary school to his kindergarten room. I looked around at all the grown up children buying breakfast and settling into the routine of the coming nine months.

Mom, do I look cool?

And while he is still my little boy I can already see the changes that will come. The independence from walking the halls unattended. The buying of lunch. The making of new friends. The learning.

I’m excited for it all. My job as a parent isn’t to hold on forever but to teach him how to be an independent person who can make his own way in the world. It doesn’t make it easier though as I drop off a little boy and pick up a little man.

First day of school

Someday soon he will run from the car without looking back. Someday soon he won’t give me a hug goodbye in front of his friends. Some day soon he won’t miss me.

That is normal and it is all a part of growing up. It doesn’t make it easier though as I hold on as tight and as long as I could to my morning hug from my best little man.

Ice cream after his first day. 

I hope he makes friends. I hope he learns not only facts but a thirst for knowledge and a love of reading. I hope he grows in confidence and that some day he won’t need to hold my hand to walk down the hallway. Hopefully he will still want to for a while after that but time won’t slow down or stop.

With the start of school brings homework, grades, paperwork, snack schedules, and teacher meetings. On the outside nothing changes but the address at which we drop him off. On the inside though everything is changing. I’m mostly ready for it. A little sad that this day is here, but excited for the next phase of motherhood.

My bestest friend

So bring it on and let’s hope for a good year.


Did You Miss It? Here Is A Link!

Our episode of House Hunters aired on Friday night. Our real estate agent moves in much swankier circles than we do and hosted a massive premier party on the 17th floor of a fancy club downtown to view it.

I invited Trainer and her Hubby to come and we all had a blast watching and laughing while shoving our faces with food. It was a lot of fun. I had stomach cramps from laughing so hard. Unfortunately the crowd was pretty rowdy by the time it aired at 10pm (free drink tickets will do that) and I missed 90% of the conversation on the show the first time around. Friends were posting quotes on my Facebook page that we never even heard.

The next day a friend found a link to the YouTube recording of it and now I can watch it forever. Below is a link to it if anyone cares to see it. I actually really like the way they pulled it all together. Gem plays a big role in it and while my riding is atrocious it was nice that they included it. Something about a rush “hurry up and get Gem ready you have 5 minutes to ride and do something fun” makes me tense and ride like crap. Gem didn’t mind the cameras and large fluffy mic but Pete sure did and trying to ride her in the pasture while he was running crazy was…interesting. A semi controlled canter was the best I could do. Then at the new house, well we had moved in two days prior and that was the first time I was riding her there and…I’m glad I stayed on crap form and all.

I’m not complaining though. It was awesome that they included it. Plus Pete looks so amazing on film at 28 years old. Nobody would guess he is that old.

The link is below for you if you want to watch it!

House Hunters Episode: https://m.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=Ar7Tx4C3lFg&feature=youtu.be


Waggy Update and HGTV Date

Odd things to combine but neither require a full post.

Most important is my Waggy Tails. She was in much better spirits Monday morning when Dusty took her to the specialist. Her biggest issue? She couldn’t roll over for belly rubs due to the pain in her leg. The pup is addicted to belly rubs and she became pretty pathetic when she figured out she couldn’t do it.

She went in to surgery around lunch and came out with a 15 hole plate filled with 10 screws (5 above and 5 below the fracture) as well as an intramedullary nail. That’s a lot of hardware. The surgeon said it went well, the fracture had a bit more comminution (fragments) than the X-ray led her to believe burnt cane together nicely.

She stayed the night last night and we will get her over lunch today. The plan is to keep her at the clinic for 6 weeks to let her have the needed cage rest and see where she is then. We need to do range of motion exercises to prevent contracture of the quads but other than that she shouldn’t need a lot of therapy.

All good news.

Second, I keep forgetting to announce this on here but our House Hunters episode is airing in the US on Friday 8/17/18 (this week) at 10pm EST on HGTV. I don’t have cable so my mom is DVR-ing it for me and I’ll watch it Saturday. There are so many things that happened during filming so I’m a bit nervous to see how they edit it and what the end result will be!

Who knows – they may make it look like I hated something I loved.

Tune in if you want to see me make an fool of myself. I’m so interested to see the spin they put on it and to go “but I didn’t say that about that!”


A Really Shitty Day

Sunday morning I hopped on the tractor to try to finish mowing the big pasture in preparation to move the horses out there this week. It’s been hard going to mow it between the raging storms every evening and the insane growth rate.

I was heading up the hill when I saw a flash of yellow out of the corner of my eye and turned to see Wyatt coming up the hill. I stopped and turned the tractor off to see what he wanted and next thing I knew both dogs and Wyatt were all on the tractor with me.

Now I’m a tractor nazi. I hate Wyatt being on there with me and am very paranoid about the high level of risk involved with a tractor and the addition of a running bush hog being pulled behind. I kicked the dogs off as they know they aren’t allowed on it and generally aren’t supposed to be near it. They had followed Wyatt out from the house.

Both dogs jumped down and I was talking to Wyatt and turned the tractor back on to go up the hill before kicking him off too. Thankfully I didn’t turn the bush hog on. I’m counting all my lucky stars and thanking every possible higher being for that one. I pulled forward slowly and immediately felt a bump followed by hearing the gut wrenching sound of a dog screaming in pain.

I slammed on the brakes and looked around. Waggy Tails was trapped under the bush hog. I froze. I didn’t want to raise it with Wyatt around fearing the worst and wanting to spare him that sight. Instead I screamed for Dusty who was out mending fences. I wasn’t thinking and poor Dusty heard me and immediately thought it was Wyatt who was in trouble.

He made it to the tractor at a dead sprint and I told him “I just killed Waggy”. Wyatt was sobbing. I was sobbing. Dusty told me to take Wyatt to the house and as I was walking down the hill he raised the bush hog.

Much to everyone’s surprise Waggy came hobbling out without a scratch on her. She was holding her back left leg off the ground but otherwise was in perfect condition.

Lucky doesn’t even begin to describe it.

We rushed her off to Dusty’s clinic and got her filled with pain meds while he got the X-ray machine turned on and ready. The radiographs showed a broken femur and that was all. I feared she broke her pelvis but that was fine as was all the internal organs he could see. Her heart and lungs sounded fine and her abdomen palpated normal.

Again. Lucky doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Dusty texted the ortho specialist in town and set Waggy up for surgery this morning. She will be getting a plate and screws in her leg to hold the femur back together. Poor girl. She will be on cage rest for at least 6 weeks. I’m so glad that I have a husband who cares for the animals like he does and didn’t even hesitate to call the specialist to set up surgery.

I’m glad the bush hog wasn’t on.

I’m glad I hit her leg only and not her abdomen or chest.

I’m glad it wasn’t Einstein as he is so small it would have killed him.

I’m glad it wasn’t Wyatt.

I’m pissed that I didn’t realize she had laid down in the shade of the tire and assumed she had walked off.

I’m pissed I ran my dog over.

But she should be ok. It’s a clean break and not shattered. It could have been so much worse.

Keep her in your thoughts today guys, please.


Because If You Can’t Be Useful, You Might As Well Be Expensive


That about sums up Cruze’s life with me. Which sucks for both of us. I had plans for him when I brought him home which amounted to a lot more than one flat lesson in a torrential downpour and one cross country school.

But such is life.

I’ve decided to put him out to pasture, per se I mean he always is out anyway, and ignore his existence until September 5th when the farrier comes back and assesses if he can be safely shod with pads or not.

I’m not going to attempt another arena ride until that point. It just pisses us both off and we get nowhere. Part of his under saddle attitude is no doubt due to being painful though a lot of it is just him trying to see what he can get away with. The problem is that I don’t want to push him like I normally would because I know his feet hurt.

If it ever stops raining I’d love to start taking him out on the trail with his boots on trails I know have forgiving footing. If we are stuck to a walk, might as well return to my love of the trail and get him some exercise and a change of scenery from walking figures in the arena.

In the meantime though, why not spend money?


First, he is going on a course of gastroguard. I don’t like his rough, dull coat and he has plenty of reasons between the move, change in life style, and foot issues to have sprouted some stomach issues. If I’m not riding right now anyway, I figured it was a good time to treat him for potential ulcers. Good thing Hubby is a vet and gets a killer deal on this liquid gold.

I’m about to find out how good he is for medicating

Second, I splurged online a bit. He needed a new bit as the chunky French link snaffle was a tad too small and he hated it. He had been going in a d ring myler, so I decided to order one and see if it made a difference. Damn those bits are expensive though. I tried it on him once and it made an immediate difference. No more chewing the bit or trying to spit it out. I only walked but he didn’t try to rip the reins from my hands one time and was much, much steadier and happier. Nothing like a perpetually lame horse with champagne taste.

Why are these bits so expensive? Gem went nicely in a $15 baucher.

In the same order I threw in a jolly ball toy with a likit treat. My hope was that he would take to eating that instead of his wooden stall door. Anyone care to guess how that played out?

He took one sniff, threw his nose in the air and immediately returned to the door. Sigh. I don’t know. I’m either going to just remove the stall door and replace with a stall guard or cover it in Tabasco sauce.

Can I trade Cruze for this horse? He eats his toy and looks thankful for it

The other item in the box was a new girth. He takes a 48″ and hated Gem’s antichafe girth as much as she always did. It didn’t have elastic ends instead claiming the entire length had stretch and both horses really didn’t enjoy it that much. I want to stack the deck in our favor once we do return to riding, so I got him a nice fleece lined girth that he seemed to approve of by not trying to eat me as I slowly tightened it.

Soft fluffiness for the orange guy

Of course the husband questioned why I spent money on tack items for a non rideable horse, but one can always dream of riding the horse you specifically bought and paid good money for to do just that.

The last item was Keratex to help harden the sole and hoof wall.

I could use some soundness and reliability in my life right now

In reality, my “ignore him until September” is really “don’t get your hopes up to ride while continuing to pamper and coax his health along”. I have texted back and forth with Trainer about doing some ground lessons and learning how to ground drive him because why not? Might as well work on something and it may just help once we do get back under saddle. It can’t hurt.

So that is that. I refuse to get worried or upset until the farrier says he has enough hoof to shoe him. The big guy grows on me daily and has been fun to get to know better on the ground without the under saddle stress. The pace season will start at the end of the month and maybe we can spend the fall hitting those and enjoying the cooler weather together. We will see what time brings us.

The right front hoof last week. You can see my expertly drawn lines of growth with the new angle coming in at the top.
2018 Volunteer Challenge

July Volunteer Challenge Winner

Sorry for the delay. Wednesday’s I work at the hospital instead of my private office and I can’t do things like blog or buy horse items. Go figure that they frown upon that. And then yesterday…I don’t know. I’ve been in a funk in general in life lately. But today I got down to it, did some shopping around to come up with something worthy of winning and plugged the names into the random name picker thing.

This month saw four people getting out there and getting it done putting in a total of 14:35 hours during one of the hottest months of the year:

Sarah O

Congrats to all of you for finding the time to help out. I hope you all had great volunteering experiences. July was a random drawing for a prize worth around $20 and the winner this month is:

Screen grab from the online name picker thingy

Sarah O, please send me your address at agemofahorse at gmail dot com and I will get it ordered and potentially shipped directly to you.

What did you win?

A summer pack to get you through the dog days and into to the fall including a grooming bath mitt, a sweat scraper and fly wipes.

Hopefully a nice bath and getting rid of pesky flies will make the rest of summer more enjoyable

Thanks for participating! August has already begun, get out there and volunteer!


It’s Cool. I Don’t Want To Ride My Horse Anyway

Friday the farrier declared the abscess blown and Cruze good to go back under saddle. I watched him walk off sound and happy with full length strides and was satisfied with our plan moving forward.

Saturday morning I brought him in for breakfast and saw this

Guess some big orange butthead heard the news and needed to find some way to remain “retired”.

Good news is that it is superficial, there is no swelling or heat and he is sound on the leg. For the moment anyway.

Bad news is that it’s over a joint and healing that could either be easy or a royal pain due to the motion of the skin. For now I put him back out instead of in his stall mostly for my own sanity plus the above no heat, swelling or pain thing.

I’ll check on him regularly for the need to be stalled. In the meantime if anyone knows someone in the market for a sorta sound accident prone pain in the butt gelding please let me know.

I think I’m going to get into knitting.