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May Volunteer Challenge Winner

Sorry for the delay. Friday was extremely busy at work and I ran out of time. But never fear the results are in!

May was the busiest month with 5 entrants!! Yay!!! Emma had texted me bowing out of the drawing having won two previous times which left Bette, Amy, Olivia and her Hubby in the random drawing.

may names

The winner is:

may winner.PNG

This month is really starting to heat up so I focused my search on ways to keep cool in the summer. Bette you get two items this month totaling around $20. Please email me your address at agemofahorse at gmail dot com so I can order and get them shipped directly to you.

This pad is a life saver during the summer. You soak it, wring it out and it stays ice cold all day long. Keep it in your cooler during a lesson or a show and wrap it around your neck between rides to stave off heat stroke. 
And for Chimi (and the rest of the gang) is a Himalayan salt block. Our three are devouring their salt block already this summer as the heat has arrived. 

For everyone else, thanks for giving your time back to the sport of your choice! These events, in any discipline, can’t happen without people giving their time.

June is the end of the second quarter. The prize is based on the person with the highest number of hours for that quarter and is valued at $50. The standings for the quarter looks like this to date:

Bette – 23
Emma – 21.5
Amy – 16
KC – 4
Olivia – 4
Her Husband – 4

There are five weekends in June with plenty of opportunity to get out there. The race is pretty close this quarter, so get out there and get your hours logged!

2018 Volunteer Challenge, Uncategorized

The Month Got Away From Me: Get Your April Hours In

Ah!!! How is it already April 30th?!! I have 9 days until my boards and then my regular life can resume. Some of you have already submitted hours via other posts this month, (Emma, Bette and Amy), but if you have been out there donating your time and haven’t please respond here and I will get everything updated tonight. The challenge page is not update accurately, but my spreadsheet is so once the April clock closes I will get that corrected.

The winner for April is drawn at random and will get a prize valued roughly $20. I’ll draw it tomorrow morning and post the winner.

Get those hours in and get out there in May and volunteer!!

2018 Volunteer Challenge

Two Weekends Left in Q1

There are two weekends left before the end of the first quarter which gives you all plenty of opportunity to scour the internet for shows to lend your hand at. Debating entering a show or not? Why not volunteer instead! A friend or significant other is showing and you aren’t? Go with them and donate your time while they compete. A local barn is hosting a schooling show that doesn’t fit into your competition schedule? Donate a few hours to help out. They will love you for it as will all those who wouldn’t be able to compete if the show couldn’t be put on.

As of right now the leaderboard is as follows:

$900 Facebook Pony: 17 hours

‘Fraidy Cat Eventing: 11 hours

3 Day Adventures with Horses: 3 hours

Remember the first quarter prize is a package of horse related items I feel like buying (with an attempt to get something the winner will actually maybe like) worth up to $50 and is based on the number of hours volunteered for that quarter.

With two weekends to go there is still a lot of opportunity to donate your time and upset the leaderboard.

Next time you do show pay attention to the number of volunteers from registration to bit checkers to ring stewards to timers to jump judges to scribes to the random helpers running everywhere and realize that the show simply could not be put on without these people giving up their own free time and chances to compete to be there. Please do your part to give back and lend a hand.

Entries close at 12 midnight 3-31/4-1 and I’ll announce the winner the next Monday so get out there and give back!