No Rain in the Forecast, huh…

SC has been in the “extreme drought” category for months now. At the beginning of November we were down 10 inches of rain and it was only getting worse.

Lake Hartwell showing the receding water as it dries up. Picture from Google and poorly edited by yours truly.

We need rain. Badly. Except….

Maybe, just maybe, it could hold off until February?

You know…until after we get all the outside work that needs done before we can move the horses home finished.

Christmas weekend, we spent Saturday raking leaves and cleaning out the gutters. We had planned to return Monday while we were both off work, but it rained. New Year’s weekend also saw rain, but we went out any way on Saturday to plant T posts in the ground and rake some more leaves. Then it down poured all day Sunday.

We have one weekend between now and the move and still have to finish the fence, build a shelter and rake more damn leaves.

Good thing we are expected to get…SNOW…this weekend. SNOW! In SC, which rarely happens unless you have major outdoor projects on a time schedule to get done.




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