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Building a Fence

A dreary day on the farm beats the sunniest day in suburbia hands down

With the clock starting to run out, we checked the weather forecast a dozen times hoping it was wrong. Another weekend of rain and there was no way the horses would be coming home before another board check was due.

Thankfully Sunday saw a break in the deluge from 9-12 and we rushed out to work as fast as we could. Dusty and my dad had placed the T posts weeks ago, in fact that was done before our move in date, and the wooden posts for the gate were cemented in last weekend. The tensioners and fence clips were attached under the light of a headlamp at 8 pm during the work week.

Now all that was left was to string the tape.

Wyatt helping to screw the tensioner to the wooden post


Einstein enjoying and abusing his freedom. He came back with a  gouge on his head likely from the barbed wire that surrounds the entire property. He will learn some day.

My mum came over to help and we got busy stringing the line. We had ordered it from Horse Guard, a U.K. company, and the experience was great from start to finish. Since we only needed to create two sides of fencing, we were unsure what all to order. A quick call to the company had all our questions answered and the materials were shipped out the next day. The guy walked us through the entire process and even gave tips on how to cut a few costs.

Wyatt was a big help on his tractor


He lugged the heavy spool of tape around for us

The tape itself is very sturdy. It comes in three color options, but only the brown was in stock when we ordered. They also have a monopolar, requiring humid ground and a ground pole, and bipolar, which does not, units and we went with the bipolar.

Much sturdier than the brand Tractor Supply sold and way better than my portable corral tape.

The system is nearly fooproof and comes with everything you could possibly need. The first go round we places the clips on backwards but thankfully figured it out half way through. Nothing is more annoying than working hard then having to redo it all.

The longer side was completed before lunch and nap time. Seriously, the system is really simple: tension the one end, string the tape and apply the clips that hold the tape to the t post, tension the far end, go back and tighten the line and screw down the clips on each post. Done.

Clip. Also used on t posts

During nap time, Dusty went out and hung the gate then it was back out for all three of us to finish the shorter end.


Seeing the gate put on really made it all seem so real.

With the hay delivered, fence up, gate hung, water tank purchased and t post caps installed all we have left to do is build the shelter. The weather looks sunny and clear all week which means we can get out there and build it before the weekend.


4 thoughts on “Building a Fence”

  1. Looks awesome!!! and I think I like the brown tape better than white. Blends in more but still visible 🙂 I’m also looking forward to a drier week bc when it rains for a long period of time my barn starts to flood and that happened last night 😦 grrrr! Looking forward to seeing how you build your shelter!


  2. I love this type of fence (though I’m not sure I’ve used the particular company). Easy to maintain, move, and install. The horses tend to respect it and can’t crib on it. In an emergency, it has enough give to break before the horse does. And it’s generally pretty cost effective! The brown looks nice, too.


    1. It seems to be working great. What I originally wanted was the recycled tire fence. I like the idea of using recycled NASCAR tires and it looks pretty sharp. Much cheaper than either wood or vinyl, doesn’t fade or need painted. But it is too expensive to put into a rental.


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