Meet Wyatt – The Guinea Pig

A couple of Mondays ago I get a text from the hubster:



He had shown up to work and found a young guinea pig, cage and all, sitting on his front steps. Who knows how long the poor thing had been sitting there although the kennel girl didn’t see it at 5 pm Sunday when she was last there.


Dusty has a lot of experience with pocket pets, but doesn’t see a whole lot at his current practice. He took him inside to see if there was a medical reason for the abandonment and found a friendly, out going and healthy male.

He texted me some pictures and I told him to bring the poor little guy home for Wyatt. Dusty wasn’t too keen on the idea since we already have a house full, but Wyatt loves small, furry things and I thought he could just come stay for the night.

You see, Wyatt loves animals, but tends to not get too focused on them. He had wanted fish and Dusty went out and got a fish tank (Dusty had been wanting fish for years, so this was more an excuse to get it than Wyatt really begging for it) and while Wyatt thought it was neat, he pretty much ignored it.

I thought for sure that he would look at the little guinea pig, pet him a few time sand then turn his attention to other pursuits.

Nope. Dead wrong.


Wyatt took that guy and refused to put him down. He chose the spot for the cage in his room and promptly named him Wyatt. Because after all it is the best name out there.


Since then Wyatt aka Guinea (both names used equally) has lived at the foot of Wyatt’s bed. Wyatt gets him out first thing every morning and first thing when he gets home. He also has asked me to make him a costume which is going to be hard since I don’t make anything. I did make my hamster, hammy (strong names run in the family) a cape when I was in 5th grade, so it just might be possible.

Welcome to the family!

11 thoughts on “Meet Wyatt – The Guinea Pig”

  1. He’s adorable! Google C & C Guinea Pig cages to cage designs…..I was amazed at how much space such a little things needed. We had two and I LOVED hearing their squeaking when they heard me opening a bag of treats for them. I’m pretty sure I posted pics of them on my blog if you wanted to check out their kingdom 🙂

    And why can’t people dump their animals the humane way if they’re gonna dump them? Better yet, don’t get one in the first place. Ugh. Some people.


    1. He is such a friendly little guy and love to snuggle up around my neck and chirp. He gets to roam around the bedroom whenever we are home, but I will certainly look into expanding his home for him. Thanks for the advice!


  2. Aw, he’s adorable! I love guinea pigs, and the happy chirping noises they make. I laughed really hard at the names in your family. I’m glad you guys took this poor critter in.


      1. People are really awful 😦 I look at Julio and can’t understand how someone just dumped him either 😦


  3. Lifelong pig-person here…. they are the BEST. I call them my mini-horses because: same dentition, same GI tract (i.e. not able to puke, it’s one-way only), same food (pellets and hay) and they live in a “stall” that I “muck.” I even keep my current one on horse shavings purchased at the local feed supply store. I use a little rake and shovel to pick up poos and wet bedding every day.

    Enjoy little Wyatt – he’s adorable and I can’t believe someone dumped such a nice, social piggie!


    1. I should do an update on her. Wyatt (the human) has us turn our old large dog crate into a new home for her complete with a second story and a wooden house. She loves it and I’m quite smitten with the little thing


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