Shopping…I Hates It

For some reason I thought shopping for horse clothes would be an entirely different and way more exciting endeavor than for street or work clothes. 

Turns out I was wrong. 

Having made my eyes bleed looking through online used tack ads without really having any idea what I needed, I decided the better course of action was to head to a tack store and try on all the things. 

First stop was the Farm House. It’s about an hour from me, but boasts a massive sale room that looked promising. My first mistake was letting the hubby and kid come along. It was a race to see which one got bored the quickest. 

Barely stopped myself from buying these beautiful bad boys. I didn’t dare look at the price tag. Everything in the store was way over priced.

I wandered around the regular floor then headed to the sale room. Wow. So much stuff. So cheap. I found a gorgeous show coat originally $300 for only $20! I hoped it would fit but it was both too wide and too long. I debated getting it and having it tailored but I have no real clue how a show coat should fit and I doubt a tailor would either. 

They also had tall boots for only $40, but again not in my size. The lady helped size me in boots and it turns out I’m a pretty easy fit. I do have very small ankles but the Ariat Heritage Contour fit me really well in a 6 regular. I’m now scouring the internet hoping to find a pair used. 

Everything I touched was well over $100 and I was not in the position to drop that much right now. Maybe later if I decide to stick with this I can upgrade things. 

I was there about 90 minutes when I started getting texts about both men being bored, so I didn’t get to try on any shirts or breeches to see what may fit. 

We went home and ate lunch and I put both boys to bed and headed to the closer tack store: The Tack Shop. I figured the prices would be lower since it isn’t so close to TIEC and is in town versus the middle of expensive horse country. I was right. 

The ladies were so helpful. They shoved breeches at me until I had tried on every type in the store. Turns out I’m an odd fit. When the waist fit right, the legs were super baggy. When the legs fit right, I could barely snap the buttons. Just like blue jeans. I hate shopping.

I never actually found a good fitting pair. I started with a size 28 since my thread bare, more holes than material, Tuff Riders are a 24 and while they still fit it is a bit obscene. Half the time they were too tight. The other half too big. 30s were almost always too big in both waist and legs except in one pair where I couldn’t even buckle them. 26s were almost always too tight in the waist but great in the legs. Ugh. 

She finally shoved some tights at me and started with a medium but those were too big. I tried on a pair of Kerrits full seat micro cord breeches with belt loops in black and they actually fit really well everywhere. I was hoping to get a pair in white just because, by they only came in tan or black. I had her go ahead and order the tans ones so I knew I had at least one pair I could show in for both phases of a CT. Buying used is going to be really tricky since nothing apparently fits me. I wear a size 6 jeans and medium skirts. This shouldn’t be that hard. 

Riding had been going really well. I’ve been keeping an inner monologue: quit hanging on the inside rein, slow the post instead of grabbing her mouth, sit taller, turn the entire body with the turn, seriously stop hanging on the inside rein etc… we even cantered both directions without it being a complete shit show.

The Tack Shop also has a consignment section and had several pairs of tall field boots, but none in my size. She wrote down what I needed though in case someone comes in with a pair later. 

I never got around to trying on show shirts because that is my last concern and I still need to verify if I need a coat or not. Hopefully Trainer can help me out here when I ride with her next. 

I did buy something! I wasn’t going to, but the ladies (one was the store owner) spent over 2 hours with me going over tack requirements and clothing plus shoving pants at me to try. I felt bad leaving empty handed. I grabbed a Jump girth and a set of brown stirrup leathers. I needed them both as they weren’t super expensive. I’m hoping the girth works. Nearly everything causes chafing except mohair. Mohair is pricey though and so trying this one first. She had a one very similar back when I rode her English and never chafed with it. So here is hoping it will work

I came home, found both boys still asleep 3 hours later, and put out an ISO ad on some Facebook sites for the remainder of what I need so hopefully someone will have something useful and not expensive because….

He is getting nearly big enough to use the stirrups. Kiddo might get his own pony sooner than I thought

I went ahead and signed up for my first ever CT on June 4th!!!!

I’m super excited. It will be Intro B and 18″ cross rails in stadium. I think we can at least safely do both without looking like complete fools. 


13 thoughts on “Shopping…I Hates It”

  1. Have you tried girl’s breeches? They are shaped a bit differently than women’s and I find that if you fit in the 24-28 range in women breeches you can usually get into a pair of 16-20 kid’s breeches. Might be worth a shot (and hey girl’s breeches are cheaper).


    1. Thank you for the tip! I need to figure out if I need a coat or not. The tack shop lady said I did because while it is schooling they are running a rated show along with it and the judges prefer coats. I need to verify that.


  2. If you like the Kerrits microchord (which I love), you may have luck with Irideon’s breeches as well. AND they come in white! (They’re the only pair of white breeches I own. The feel and the sizing are similar to Kerrits, which is my go-to brand.)


  3. This is exciting! I am a tough fit for breeches because there’s a big difference between my hips and waist. I go with fitting my hips and legs and then belt the waist. Once you find what fits you can then find sales online (riding warehouse springs to mind). I wouldn’t be in a hurry for white anyway. Tan is perfectly acceptable for what you are showing.


    1. I’ll probably have to go that way. Low rise fits me way better than waist high. I have an abnormally tall and skinny waist and bigger hips. If I go low rise I can get the waist to match my hips better.

      I just really like the way white looks.


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