Where Have I been?

Drowning. Almost literally.

It started to rain Saturday night around 10 pm and then decided not to stop until Thursday morning around 7 am. This wasn’t a nice gentle sprinkling either. It down poured. It caused flash flooding. There were tornadoes. It was bad.

Taken Saturday before the rain came in
Thankfully though the ground around here is some magical mystical stuff that allows for standing puddles of water 5″ deep to be absorbed within an hour of the rain stopping and within 24 hours the ground is firm and lovely once again.

I took advantage of the forecast to mow the pasture Saturday. It needed it as our two can’t eat enough to keep the grass down. My capris rode up and this is the tan I ended up with.
Also thankfully, the guy who cuts the hay field in front of our house came by on Saturday and baled it all. This means I can ride at home one again, well at least until it grows up again. Looks like the local hay production was really good for first cutting this year. Hopefully the rain will continue throughout the summer and they can get second and third cuttings this year. Current prices are looking at $13 a bale right now for anything not crap fescue or even worse bermuda which is still floating around $6-7.

My mowing buddy
So that is what has been going on. Rain. Water. Flooding. Cranky mare face who will not leave her shelter if there is any rain coming down at all. A bored Pete who hates being out in it alone, but doesn’t mind being a real horse and getting wet either. A bored and cranky Sara who really wants to ride to practice for the show next weekend, but can’t because the arena was closed and it wouldn’t stop raining.

After nearly a week of rain, her mane is now a gross mess of tangles. Not the best timing.
Hopefully, the 30% chance of rain all weekend translates to sunshine and I can trailer to the arena to get one last jump ride in before the show. I can practice the dressage moves at home in the hay field, but I don’t have any jumps. The wonderful thing is that the arena is actual public and owned by the city and has no entry fee. Its amazing to have free access to a dressage arena, jump arena full of jumps and another arena without jumps.

Ready or not next weekend we will be showing!


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