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Product Review: Absorbine Botanical Body Rinse

Last winter I purchased a bottle of this on a whim then I quickly learned that it is illegal in endurance and it sat in my trailer unused. After her 100 I knew we wouldn’t be competing for a while, so I rinsed her down with it and then promptly forgot it existed until this weekend when I took advantage of an indoor wash rack to fully bathe the wild mare. 
Nobody paid me or asked me for this review. I personally purchased the product on my own. 

What is it? According to the bottle this is an after rinse full of healthy essential oils to soothe sore muscles, relax tissue and invigorate the skin. 

How do you use it? The bottle is highly concentrated. You can either add 10mL to a bucket of water or add some to a spray bottle and mist the horse down. The bottle has an easy to read volume indicator on the side so pouring the amount is fairly fool proof. I added the recommended amount to a bucket of water and used a sponge to wash it over her entire body.

Results? For starters it is 100% Gem approved which is saying a lot. She isn’t a supper touchy feely mare and puts up with my grooming because she has learned over the years that she has to. With this stuff, however, she practically tries to crawl into the bucket as soon as she smells the stuff. She grabs at the bucket, paws the air and in general acts a fool. I’m not sure if it is the smell alone or a combination of the smell and how it makes her feel, but the mare loves this stuff. 

I can’t say if it soothes her tired muscles or not, but it smells a lot like human lineaments like Bengay and Biofreeze so I’m assuming it has that same surface dilation and cooling effect as those human products. She sure loves it being splashed all over her and that is atypical for Gem and water. I’ll go ahead and assume it feels great. 

The smell is amazing too. It’s very strong and will make the sponge smell for a long time afterward, so don’t use your regular sponge for it especially if you are in endurance as it is illegal to use before a race. 

When I used it last summer, the BO texted me after she had dried and said she needed sunglasses to not get blinded by Gem. My current picture wasn’t in the best light to show it off, but the shine is amazing and lasts a long time. The hair is left silky and smooth too. 

Would I recommend it? Yup!!! Gem loves it and I love the visible results. Be careful that you don’t use it close to an endurance ride as the scent lingers and you might get pulled. I’d for sure use it after a strenuous workout and plan to use it after her show as a reward. Go try some. You won’t regret it. 

11 thoughts on “Product Review: Absorbine Botanical Body Rinse”

    1. Short answer: everything is. The arnica, lavender and lobelia are all on the banned substance list and while USEF still allows it if used topically, AERC does not. AERC has very strict drug use rules, even sore no more and k tape are banned, due to the high level the horses are performing at and the risk of fatal injury if a horse is allowed to compete with an injury being masked by a substance. I’m guessing in this case, if used to relax muscles and the horse continues on strained and sore muscles you could increase the risk of tying up.


    1. The arnica, lavender and something else are all banned even topically. I don’t ah e the real answer, but I believe it is so that you don’t mask tying up by relaxing and dilating the muscles.


      1. It’s topical so I doubt it could be. The smell is pretty intense and lasts a while so if a vet knew it I bet they could pull you. It’s legal after the ride as long as you don’t stand for BC and don’t plan to ride the next day. Just not the day before, morning of or at a hold. Also, I really dislike cheaters and would 1,000% call someone out if I smelled or saw it being used. So don’t cheat 🙂


      2. ha ha. I’m against cheaters too, but I’m also against the BS rules that endurance has like no ulcerguard (though they have changed that now, but it’s an example of them not doing what’s best for the horse out of some misguided ideology).


      3. When I read that they banned K tape I was a bit angry. I mean, I don’t even use it but still. It is tape. No medication. Tape. And they banned it. Yet they allow joint injections. Invasive potentially harmful injections that without the horse would not be able to compete. And they allow it. But not k tape. It’s ridiculous.


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