Full Gallop Farm CT: Preview

There are so many things slamming against the inside of my skull and I’m too tired to sort through it all and give it the time it deserves. 

The CT was a success in pretty much every aspect and then some! I had an absolute blast and learned a ton. 

The husband was on media duty and got some nice videos and a few pictures. Most will be screen shots from the videos and I still need to figure out how to do that nifty editing to get the score on the video in real time. Once I do, I’ll write up full posts on each phase. 

But….to not have undo drama waiting for the end…..

We got 4th out of 9!! And they weren’t all little kids!!!!!

Stay tuned for details to come!

21 thoughts on “Full Gallop Farm CT: Preview”

  1. Yay I’m so happy for you and can’t wait to read the full recap! Also I use Microsoft movie maker (free!) for my video editing.

    Congrats again!!


      1. i have an iphone too – when i plug my iphone into my PC, it gives me an option to open and view files on the iphone (after i tap “allow” on the pop-up menu on the phone when plugging in), including pictures and video. i can then drag and drop all my photos and videos onto my desktop, from which i edit however i please. sometimes it’s fussy, but generally all works quite well.


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