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Customer Service Super Star

Monday night the hubby grabbed the mail, chuckled then handed me this saying “I guess you haven’t paid their mortgage for them yet this month.”

I just shook my head at him.

Inside was a hand written note by the owner. She added enough detail to make it known that she at least put some basic information about me and my horse in her system. It was super sweet and a lovely personal touch in today’s typically impersonal world.

The shop itself is nice and friendly. While they don’t have the largest selection, she tends to stock high quality, affordable items (example: chafeless and fleece girths versus high end leather anatomic ones) which fit in well with my current budget. Just because she doesn’t have it on the floor though, doesn’t mean she can’t get it for you. If you want something not in store, she will happily browse through her catalogs and order it for you. I got both of my show breeches that way. No shipping or custom order fee, just 50% owed at time of order. When my special order breeches did not fit, she took them back!

I love walking into the store and though I do wish she had a larger in store collection for me to get my hands on (one of the main reasons I like in store shopping versus online), the fact that she is so easy to work with and will order you anything you want, really makes her store special. The letter was a nice touch.

I do need a few more items, mostly a pair of black leathers as I am tired of pulling my brown ones off my jump saddle and moving them around all the time, so maybe it is time to stop back in and say hello to her inventory once again.


8 thoughts on “Customer Service Super Star”

  1. man, amazon has *never* written me a sweet note like that! way to go, independent retailer! this is why we love bricks and mortar stores even as the big faceless online retailers gobble up more and more of the market share….


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