2017 Pony Club IPE One Day Event

Trainer enlisted my help as a jump judge for Sunday. The teams scrambled to make four teams of five kids (one from each country) and got a chance to ride their new horses for one hour on Saturday. I’m amazed at these riders. Brand new to them horses and they only had an hour to get acquainted.

The weather was so much better for Sunday. Sunny and low 90s with a cool breeze. The riders all come from countries that are deep in winter so they might not have been so happy with our southern heat and humidity.

Sunday was the first competitive event as each team geared up for dressage followed by a derby type round with four stadium fences followed immediately by eleven cross country jumps. The riders from Hong Kong had never been cross country before. They only ever ride in an arena. So different than here in the US and I was sad I didn’t get a chance to talk to them about how they board and care for their horses.

I was put in charge of the up bank at 13 and the palisade at 14 and thankfully all riders were clear through both. In fact pretty much all riders had clear rounds with only two falls on course and two refusals out of 20 runs. Pretty impressive for only just meeting their horse the day before!

The up bank at 13 had an uphill approach into the shade.
Then they continued uphill with a right hand turn over 14. The horses sounded tired at this point as it was a course of either going up or down a hill but everyone jumped clean

I was so glad I got another chance to participate and help out. Everyone was so gracious about getting to ride and compete someone else’s horse and they all seemed to have a good time.

While jump 14 looked big and intimidating to me, not a single horse backed off. After this they had a very long uphill Gallop to the final fence at 15
I could also see jump 12 which seemed like an inviting enough jump. It came after a long downhill run and then cut sharp left uphill to my two
Such a gorgeous day.
Coming up the bank in the shade.
The view I had of riders leaving the water at jump 9

The rest of the week will be jammed with fun, local activities for the riders including a trip to an amusement park, kayaking and zip lining on the Green River, Tryon Horse Country tour, and a fun night at the Tryon International Equestrian Center (home of the AECs last year and WEG in 2018) until their last weekend which will host the Kangaroo Cup, a 3′ jumper show. I am hoping to make it to the jumper show as well and hope they all have a great week.

8 thoughts on “2017 Pony Club IPE One Day Event”

  1. Sounds like a great way to get involved. I am fascinated by how people keep their horses in different regions and across the world. I’m sad you didn’t get a chance to pick their brains!


  2. ooooh i love this and love all the pictures! jump judging is so fun, even just in normal conditions, but this sounds like such an impressive set up for these young riders!

    also there’s something to be said for jump judging at levels above where we currently school. my first time doing it, i judged this giant prelim produce stand type thing and was blown away by it. and yet, not a single horse even blinked at it. i’ve since also judged training and novice, including one shared giant brush fence at a recognized event that scared the bejesus out of me. again – everyone cruised over like cake. so when we went to school and my trainer pointed me at that same brush? i just tried to remember all of those horses sailing over from a gallop, and it was fine! getting to watch all those horses make it look easy definitely helps inspire confidence in me lol.


    1. It was a wonderful afternoon. Honestly I think part of my fears come from only ever seeing upper level cross country. I’ve never seen a starter or beginner novice course. Hopefully it will make the small stuff look like no big deal


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