Friday Five

Friday Five: Ways I Organized My Trailer

Gem’s limo is a 2011 Eclipse two horse straight load. We researched the crap out of trailers comparing them to our needs and wants and this trailer fit the bill perfectly. We bought it new at a horse expo and got a great price. Since then it has travelled to dozens of trail heads, hauled the horses from WI to SC and been to every endurance/ride and tie/hunter pace/whatever else I’ve dragged Gem to in then name of friendly competition and has been great. 

As always though, more organization helps and so over time we have added some small modifications that have had big impacts on the function of the trailer. Here are my top five small, extremely easy to do, projects:

5) More tie rings. Lessons are always learned the hard way it seems. At a ride and tie event a couple years ago, Gem pulled back at the trailer for the first and only time I’ve had her. She broke the tie ring and unfortunately the hag bag, connected to the same tie ring as she was, came flying with her which made a bad situation worse. It all ended fine, but I immediately ordered new tie rings and added a second one above the original on each side to attach the hay bag to. We then also added tie rings to the very back. This was done due to the hunter paces where they cram trailers in so close that it is nearly impossible to tack up. Having the ability to tie her out the back gives me plenty of safe options

4) Bungee cords for the buckets.  I have a bucket issue. I own, and I recently counted so this number is accurate, 21 buckets. Every time I’m at the feed store I buy a new bucket. The husband is not happy about this but I keep telling him you can’t have too many and besides it could always be worse. At least buckets are cheap. I could have a saddle buying problem instead. 

Anyway…. with all the buckets I needed a way to contain them so they weren’t flying all over the place. Two simple bungee cords holding them to the spare tire helps keep the ever growing tower stable. 

Not even half my total bucket collection. You just never know when you will need one. Or twelve.

3) Hanging my saddle rack. This saddle rack is one of my favorite accessories. It folds neatly for storage and when unfolded has a neat spot for the saddle/pad, a hook for the bridle and a basket for grooming supplies. Bonus: wheels for easy toting around ride camp or show barn. I don’t like things on my trailer floor, so we added a simple bracket and carabiner to hang the whole thing out of the way 

2) Hanging bag for all the things. Pretty much every boarding situation we found ourselves in had us living out of the trailer and with the horses home and no barn it’s now the tack room. I was at a loss at first with all the extra, but non essential items like their blankets, coolers, extra saddle pads, extra girth etc. 

I found this blanket bag that is supposed to be for horse shows and knew I had stumbled on the solution. We attached it to the trailer wall and it now holds everything out of the way and keeps it all clean. Right now it has our three winter blankets, Gem’s cooler, my two endurance mohair girths, a cantle bag and my spare endurance reins. It holds so many items and leaves the area free for every day use items. 

1) Hanging groom tote. I love this thing and can’t remember how I functioned without it. All my grooming supplies hang on the door for easy access. I can’t believe how much this holds: riding and hoof trimming gloves, no thrush powder, body glide to keep her skin happy, curries and brushes, ear bonnets, hoof pick, electrolyte syringes, sweat scraper, sponge, hair bands, shampoo, conditioner, fly spray, tail comb, leather hole punch, scissors, belly balm and desirin, quick braid spray, people bug spray, her body wash and then in the Velcro attached zip ouch I keep their coggins and health certificates. I attach my half chaos on one side and typically my bit for the endurance bridle on the other. It still isn’t full!

14 thoughts on “Friday Five: Ways I Organized My Trailer”

  1. Nice trailer, show us more of it!

    When I came to Germany I had fore-knowledge that there were no good buckets here. The Little Giant Duraflex ones (that you have). When I learned that the horses would be flying with a bucket for water in each “stall” (slot in a box, not really a stall), I was happy to pay for them both. Then I learned two of the smaller, 2.5 gallon (?) ones would be required so that during the flight, I could refill the large buckets more easily (and I was told not not spill a drop or I’d break the plane). On arrival I asked the owner of the other horse who flew if I could have all 4 buckets and she agreed. That was 9 years ago and they are starting to show some wear, but they are my precious, precious Made in America buckets. I clean them religiously and when I boarded this Winter, I was reminded that I have the best buckets in the entire nation. One boarder looked at my bucket and said, “How does that work? How does it hang flat against a wall?” Just looked and I can order these buckets for 8Euros on, with 43Euros shipping fees. You see why I love my precious 4! I’m imagining what you would do if you lived here – you’d figure out a way to get all 21 here I’m sure.


  2. omgggggggg i have a bucket problem too!!! it always drives brita crazy but i’m like, noooo you can’t throw away my buckets we could use them sometime!!! and spoiler – we almost always use them all (in reality it’s not that many: 3 standard water buckets that double as feed buckets, a muck bucket, a sponge bucket, and then a smaller bucket for things like tack cleaning or whatever). i’m obsessed tho haha. and bungees 4 lyfe!!!

    i’ve got a lot of the same stuff as you, but somewhat of a slightly different configuration. maybe i should do an update on my own trailer organization one of these days too…..


    1. I really have no use for 21 buckets and one horse in active work. With endurance though, I wanted two water buckets for in her pen, one for each loop (I purchased 5 new ones for the 100 even though I already had more than enough and used the same bucket for each loop regardless), one for drinking water at the hold, one for tack water at the hold. At least I had some version of logic?

      Please do show your organization. I get fresh ideas from others.


  3. I want to know where you got that awesome fold up portable saddle rack too! This post reminds me I need some more time rings for my trailer — I have two on each side then two on the back (so six total) but I really like the idea of having a separate higher one for hay bags! Really cool organizational layout to maximize your space!


  4. Some fantastic ideas here! Thanks for sharing. My personal favourite is the hanging groom tote – so useful!

    You gotta love buckets! I have more than enough but always find I’m tempted when I see them. (Ooo I don’t have one in that colour / shape…) Especially the flexible tub buckets (Tubtrugs) – lots of colours and sizes to choose from and they are ideal for horses that always seem to be kicking or knocking them. Handy for feed, water, storage etc. I have some at home too, including one under my sink for the various cleaning products. We even stock seriously cute micro sized versions!


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