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Second Quarter Goal Review

Six months into 2017 already? I know it is horribly cliche, but seriously, where does the time go? I remember as a kid thinking it moved like molasses. As an adult I feel like I blink and a year has gone by.

It is time to check back in on the goals I made for the year and see where I am at and if they still even really apply.  Scratched out goals are ones that I either completed (one time things like bringing the horses home) or ones that no longer relate to us any more.

Gemmie Life Goals

FOCUS – With Gem it is going to be all about finding the right balance of being with her and not being away from the family too much. Success!!! Pretty much all horse related family stress has gone away since she has been home and in fact things only continue to improve as we have been able to get Pete back into the fray as well. 

1.) Bring her and Pete home.   

2.) Start riding consistently 2 days a week.  Sorta, kinda. I’m no longer allowing myself to ride at home which puts a damper on things, but I have been getting out consistently. 

3.) 1-2 long trail rides a month, preferably with friends.  Yup!!


4.) Make it to 1 lesson a month.  I’ve been getting in about 2 a month and loving it. 
Gemmie Competition Goals

1.) Complete a 50 mile endurance ride towards our decade team award.  No longer any interest in this and removing it from the list. 

2.) Complete a Ride and Tie of any length.  Same as above. 

3.) Make a decision on what to do about her 100 mile bronze medal.  Decision was made last quarter. Not going to go for it and I am perfectly happy with that decision. 

4.) Make it to a dressage show and not make a complete fool out of ourselves.  I did a dressage test at a CT, does that count? We even managed to get a decent score. 


Me: Life Goals

FOCUS – For me it is going to be all about striking a better balance in life. Currently, I feel guilty when I don’t ride and guilty when I do. I haven’t taken an actual vacation longer than a long weekend since 2007. I haven’t seen a doctor in 4 years.  We went on a sorta vacation to CA in April, I’m taking more time to work out and be healthy and while work right now is nothing but a big ball of stress, overall things are much smoother. I still need to get a doctor though.

1.) Stop feeling guilty about self care time.  50/50. I enjoy my work outs at the Y but there is still always that nagging guilt about not being home with the kiddo

2.) Run 2 days a week minimum.   I work out two days a week. Currently doing spin on Tuesday and weights on Thursday. 

3.) Ride 2 days a week.  Mostly!

4.) Establish with a primary care doctor and get a physical. Still hasn’t happened.  

5.) Figure out just what I want with my relationship with Gem. Is it okay to back off and just putz around? Do I need to have some set competition/training plans to feel satisfied?   I’m very happy with what we are doing right now. Some trail time, a lot of learning and some new show/competition goals. All reasonable for our level and time constraints. 

6.) Continue with my pen pals. Add two new ones from new countries.  Still writing. 

7.) Create a smashbook for Wyatt.  Yeah, not going to happen. Haven’t started it yet, still can’t find it from moving and now the year is half over. Maybe next year?

8.) Find a trainer that I can work well with in regards to approach, personality and

scheduling. I love trainer J!

Me: Competition Goals – none of these matter to me anymore
1.) Complete a half marathon.  

2.) Complete a full marathon.  

3)  Host a Ride and Tie.


Half a year done and looking back to where I was in January, I am completely different. I never thought I would have completed a CT, have cross country schooling on the horizon and a possible full on horse trial in the fall. This is really why I don’t like making goals because so many factors ebb and flow. I think for 2018 I will do only quarterly goals so that when things change I can make amendments.

10 thoughts on “Second Quarter Goal Review”

  1. ha i totally feel you on looking at goals from six months ago and feeling like, ‘wow things are a lot different than i expected!’ quarterly goals worked really well for me, tho i stopped even doing those after breaking my leg. maybe it’s time to start again tho? anyway, nice work on knocking out some of those big ones, and i look forward to seeing what the next six months bring for you!


  2. Ha, I love all the crossed out plans. That is why goals for me just make me frustrated, if I don’t do them (even far-fetched ones), I’m somehow disappointed in myself. Your life, instead of plans, sounds like it is going just right.


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