Friday Five

Friday Five: Latest Tack Shop Haul

I already mentioned how above and beyond Trainer went to help me get the horses’ hooves trimmed. What I didn’t mention was that she also lent me a set of stirrups. I had my endurance and dressage saddle in the trailer from the recent rides I had done and when I went to tack up I was sad to recall that my stirrups were nicely attached to the jump saddle back home. Trainer lent me hers no issue.

Once I realized I was stirrupless I declared that it was high time I got a set of leathers and irons for my dressage saddle. I work hard and they aren’t that expensive. Having a set for each saddle would not only eliminate the issue of forgotten tack, but would also let me set them for my desired length and not have to constantly fiddle every time I switched saddles. So, Sunday afternoon I left the boys to themselves and headed to the tack store aimed at purchasing a set of black leathers.

I came home with the following:

5.) Lead Ropes x 2. Pete has broken two lead ropes lately. One when he pulled back at the trailer and the other I snapped when I tried to pull it out from under his hoof. As I browsed the store, I threw these in my pile.

Not super exciting, but necessary

4.) Fly Spray. We ran out of the black Ultrashield and I wanted to try something oil based instead with hopes that it will last longer in the rain and sweat. I forgot to get a picture, but take my word for it that it looks like a bottle of fly spray.

3.) Stirrup leathers. I did actually purchase what I went in for. I have liked my Black Oak brown leathers quite a bit. Soft and padded yet sturdy. I found a set in black and snatched them up.

I’ve really liked the ones I have for my jump saddle. They have taken the abuse of not only being adjusted for length every ride, but moved from saddle to saddle as well.

2.) Baucher bit. I can’t get out of the store without a look through the consignment section. This bit has been on my wish list for a long time. I put Gem in the full cheek 6 years ago on a whim and stuck with it. I’m not really a fan of it though even with bit keepers. I figured the Baucher would give her the stability she craves while still having somewhat of a full cheek effect for turning.

At only $20 it was a risk I was willing to take. I rode her in it on Wednesday night and while the angels weren’t singing and magic didn’t happen, I also didn’t lose my breaks and she seemed pleasant and happy.Β 

1.) Paddock Boots. My favorite find of the day. I’ve been riding in Ariat tennis style riding shoes since 2007. Those shoes are well beyond broken down 10 years later and have started to be really painful to wear. Paddock boots are expensive though and I’m cheap. When I saw these beauties in my size I couldn’t pass them up.

I’ve worn them now for a ride and absolutely adore them. They are so much better than my Ariats were even brand new. They look really cute with my half chaps as well and will be my new go to for schooling to save my tall boots for the shows.

They are stretched out in the ankle but with half chaps on it isn’t even noticeable.
At $15 there was no way I was going to pass these up. I love how they look. I’m starting to go over to the dark side of English riding little by little.

10 thoughts on “Friday Five: Latest Tack Shop Haul”

  1. Welcome to the dark side (or light side, depending on your point of view). πŸ˜€
    Those are nice finds. You can never have too many lead ropes and those paddock boots were a nice find.


  2. That’s so awesome you found a baucher on consignment for a good price — a few years ago I wanted to try one for my mare and could not find ANY unless I wanted to spend like $100! Those look like some pretty sweet tack store scores!


    1. I’m a consignment stalker for sure. I’m hesitant online because I can’t get my hands on it first. I just find a consignment store about an hour away and have plans to go raid the place.


  3. Great haul πŸ™‚ Those leathers look lovely. I love the Baucher bit for so many horses who need a little stability.


    1. The leathers are pretty nice and at $70 they are the most expensive piece of tack I’ve bought outside of the saddles. So far Gem has really liked the Baucher quite a bit which I expected. I have read some articles that say you can lose your breaks pretty quickly though, but honestly Gem is 19 now and her brakes are fairly well installed.


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