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Mowing the Pasture

Before we moved to the farm we had a lot of people telling us how awful it would be. How we wouldn’t have any free time because of all the work that would need doing. How I’d wish to be boarding again.

As I mow it creates a nice little race track for Wyatt and he always shows up on his quad to race around it

It’s a good thing that I don’t let others negativity effect me.

Since moving here I have never once regretted it. Honestly, none of the “work” has actually felt like work at all. I enjoy most things around here, but the one thing I love to do more than anything else is now the pasture.

Sometimes he gets his own tractor out to help. I love the afternoons spent outside riding around with my little man

There are so many reasons for it. It’s a great way to check out the fence line for loosening, holes or other issues. I can look over the grounds for the health of the grass, invading weeds and any potential area of harm like large rocks or sink holes.

Obviously the horses are very bothered by my mowing activities. 

But beyond the logical reasons for loving the task, I also just really enjoy the time spent in the tractor. The task itself requires minimal mental effort and is an instant gratification type activity. I can easily see the progress I have made and the difference in the pasture it is creating.

There were a lot of roadblocks Sunday afternoon as I tried to mow the pasture before Irma hit

The four hours spent out there is a time for me to think, dream and watch the horses as they graze and interact with each other without any pressure from me. The pasture has been needing mowed every 6 weeks or so since spring. I’m not sure what the fall and winter will bring, but I’m thinking I’ll likely get one more mowing in before a long break for winter.

Wyatt picked out a skeleton dog that barks and growls for his Halloween decoration this year. I didn’t realize he brought it into the pasture until I made the circuit and saw Pete on high alert. Poor horses. They are pretty little kid proof at this point. 

Any farm chores that speak to you more than others? I know plenty of people enjoy kicking stalls for similar reasons.

23 thoughts on “Mowing the Pasture”

  1. I actually find cleaning stalls very relaxing. I’m usually alone although sometimes I talk to my mom on the phone while I work. It’s mindless and really helps me come down from the day at work in particular.
    My mowing of pastures isn’t anywhere near as frequent or take as long but I do find that I don’t mind that either as long as it’s not horribly hot out.
    I love having my horses home! I will say I do look forward to having a horse to ride again so I can spend time at the boarding barn riding with friends.


    1. Having the horses home has been a dream come true, work and all. I do miss having people to ride with although I always ride at such odd hours, super early or super late, that I rarely ran into anyone else at the barn. I hope you get a riding horse soon!


  2. Was thinking of you during Irma, guessing all is well & that’s cool 🙂 I’m currently learning about land management myself, any posts with your perspective on the subject would be great as I’m soaking up all the knowledge. Also love these pics of Wyatt helping out. They made me smile!


  3. I board, so don’t have to do it every day, but I just enjoy cleaning my horse’s stall, refilling water buckets, throwing more hay. I’m not a fan of mowing my own yard, even though it’s only an acre, because it’s got such a slope to it in places that the mower is going to topple right over on me.


  4. Night check is probably my favorite part of having the horses at home. I don’t like the bundling up process to stay warm or dry when I do night checks but once I start the walk to the barn I love it. The sounds of the horses munching their hay, the water droplets as they fall from the horses’ mouths as they finish their slurp, the cozy warmth of their bodies, and gentle greeting when I say hello. I just love standing there in the dark watching and listening to them either in their stalls or outside munching on the fresh hay I dropped. (My guys stay out unless the weather is pretty shitty bc I don’t have a run in to keep them dry) I only do night check in the winter when the grass is dead and they need more hay or if they’re in a stall overnight (which is usually during cold winter rains and snow) but it is one of my more favorite barn chores 🙂


  5. i always felt the same way about cleaning stalls when i worked at bigger boarding barns. just nothing but stall after stall – a mindless, monotonous (but simultaneously physically and visually gratifying) activity that served as the perfect time to sort through and organize my own thoughts. sometimes i miss that!


  6. I totally got the demon pony from Home Depot. No regrets. Gwyn and Saffron were VERY concerned by the new herd member.

    I like cleaning the stalls and dry runs and watch as it all tidies up. Or spreading out fresh bedding in clean stalls. I love the smell of pine shavings. Feeding in the evening (I only feed grain once a day) is also fun because I get greeted VERY enthusiastically when I come out on the deck and they come running to the barn from the far corners of the pasture.


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