Wyatt’s First Lesson!!!!!

So much squeeing occurred from my end of the bleachers it was mildly embarrassing.

I take that back. I didn’t care one but how annoying I was. My heart was overflowing.

Wyatt has been begging for lessons on a smaller, slower horse for a while. Timing just never seemed to work out until yesterday.

We are heading out of town this weekend and half of next week and after the horrors of our last farm sitter (she fed 5 bales of hay in 7 days when we might go through 2, she let her dog inside when I told her no, said dog proceeded to terrorize my very sick cat and pee all over our house, and she let her dog loose when I told her not to and it got hit by a car and died) I was very hesitant to go that route again.

Trainer had just texted me that the farrier was coming again the week we were gone and I was scrambling a bit on what we would do when amazing Trainer said we could just board the horses there while gone. I told you she is AMAZING!

Thursday night we were going to drop them off and I asked if perhaps Wyatt could get his lesson. She was game and the poor kid was so excited he didn’t sleep at all Wednesday night.

Wyatt got to ride Misty, the resident pony club pony who has seen it all and decided walking was the fastest she ever cared to go again. I gave him three rules and then melted into the background to let Trainer do her thing. Those were:

  1. Listen to everything Trainer says
  2. No screaming. If you are scared tell Trainer nicely (we have an issue with his temper)
  3. Have fun!

She started off talking to him about his position and why he needed to sit that way. I’m telling you all I wish I had his riding posture. Holy crap!

She had Misty on the lunge and I was so curious to see how she went about teaching a nearly 5 year old how to ride. It is pretty much the same as she teaches me. But he listened better. Ugh πŸ™‚

Wyatt has never expressed interest in any other sport or activity so I had no clue what to expect from him in regards to listening and responding to her. I needn’t have worried. She would say “heels down” and his little tiny heels would go down! “Look up” and his head would immediately swivel up!! I was so happy and very proud of him.

She had him work on halting Misty on his own. At first he pulled super hard, but that just garnered him a small lesson on where the bit was attached and how he needed to be gentle. From there on out he was firm but gentle and Misty responded by stopping every time.

Trainer also had him working on using the outside rein to keep her on a larger circle. It took him a bit to get this concept and I’m not sure he fully understood but he would pull on the rein when asked. I need to buy him some reins that are two colors so she can say “use the red rein” and make it easier on him.

After that he started tattling on me. When he last rode Gem I took him over a couple crossrails. It was only at a walk and Gem just stepped over them while Dusty stood at her side ready to grab Wyatt if she did decide to jump. But to Wyatt that was jumping and he proudly told Trainer “My mommy lets me jump Gem. Can I jump Misty?”

That got him learning his two point. Again, his posture is amazing.

As they walked around she would tell him to get into jump position and he would! It made me so proud to see him so focused and listening so well. She eventually let him go over ground poles in two point at the walk and he was so happy.

After that they did a little trot work which brought out the giggles. She likes to teach them to two point the trot before posting as it is easier for the kids. Wyatt enjoyed sitting and being bounced.

I thought it was over at that point, but nope! She headed out for his first ever trail ride. My heart almost burst!! I’ve been waiting for this for 5 years!!!!

She had him go to two point up the hilly entrance to the trail. He was so comfortable in his two point. I don’t know how his little legs weren’t burning. Mine would have been!

After ward he told her the trail was his favorite but he wants to learn to jump “higher than my mommy does”. Sorry to burst your bubble kiddo by that won’t be such a hard feat πŸ˜‰

He helped groom her at the end and led her all the way back to her pasture before getting to go play with his toys at the truck while we unloaded Gem and Pete and got them settled for the week.

We have been casually, very causally, on the lookout for a pony for kiddo. That search is now not so casual although I am extremely picky and it has to be a free lease type situation to begin with. I have a bead on the perfect little guy and we are hoping it works out!

22 thoughts on “Wyatt’s First Lesson!!!!!”

  1. Aw! I know how much this means to you that he’s finally riding!! I’m so happy to read this & the pictures are amazing! My fingers are crossed about the pony. =)


    1. I was the happiest person on the planet πŸ™‚ The Pony would be perfect if we can work it out. I haven’t told Wyatt yet because he would just be heart broken if it didn’t work out but Trainer is optimistic


  2. I am also on the lookout for a kid appropriate pony (that could maybe also handle a small adult) It’s hard when you’re picky! But we have one stall left we can fill with a critter and I’d love for it to be something for my girls to ride.

    Good luck to you in your search! How exciting for Wyatt’s first lesson!


  3. I cannot take the level of cute in this post! Isn’t it amazing how little kids take to riding posture so naturally? It’s not fair! I LOVE his little two point, omigoodness. Misty is the type of pony that I want a whole herd of ❀


    1. Misty is wonder pony. She has taken her girl through her B pony club ratings and is now teaching kids like Wyatt. He wasn’t scared at all and kept asking to go faster. Misty doesnt go faster. Perfect.


  4. Omg cuteness overload!!!!!!! Go little Wyatt!!!!! And reading this post made me love trainer J even more. I already think she’s amazing but to board your guys for the week? She’s so kind and does whatever she can to help out. Love her.


  5. so cute. Wyatt and the pony and what an amazing instructor/trainer! YAY. I hope you find a pony for Wyatt soon (And if it is one you can hop on and have fun on too all the merrier)!

    It looks like he had a blast!!


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