WEG 2018

Living just shy of an hour from TIEC, there was no way I wasn’t going to get tickets to go to WEG in 2018. No freaking way.

TIEC opened up sales on Saturday for residents of NC and SC. All session, all week, event passes and day passes were offered over the weekend. Now some people were complaining pretty loudly about this fact but I thought it was a great way to say thanks to those who support the facility year round by attending the less popular events, eating at their restaurants and shopping in their tack stores. Plus it was good PR for when all the tourists hit the tiny, sleepy town and destroy it.

I logged in on Saturday but the site was basically crashed from the high volume. In order to get the early tickets you needed to create an account with an address in NC or SC and have the verification code. I had no clue what the code was and never received it by email. By Sunday I was a bit panicked about it, but someone eventually sent it my way in a list of FB comments. Phew!

Looking at the prices I nearly choked. $1,000 for all events, $500 per week, $90 for a single day. There was a bunch of confusion on the day pass too. One description said it only got you in the park, but not in to see any events. Another said you would get seats for every event that day. I emailed the company for clarification and was told the current pass being sold for $90 would grant seats to all events going that day.

I chose Sept 20th which is hosting para dressage, vaulting and show jumping and ordered two tickets, one for a friend. The oddest thing about the entire sales to me is that you couldn’t select your seats. Your ticket purchase only reserved a spot and then they will go through in November and randomly assign seats based on the time stamp of when you purchased. They promised to keep group sales together which I why I bought them for my friend. Yeah, that sounds like nothing could go wrong.

But anyway as of now I should be there on 9/20/18 in case any other bloggers will be there. I’d love to meet up! I am hoping to be there more through volunteering but that is all up in the air at the moment as well.

If the farm purchase goes through (not looking likely at the moment), we will be closer to 90 minutes away so I doubt anyone would want to, but anyone would be welcome to crash at my place and avoid hotel fees. Keep it in mind as it gets closer!

15 thoughts on “WEG 2018”

  1. oh no about the farm, are you going to go see the other two now?? And YAY you got tickets (WOW that seems a bit intensive for getting a ticket to observe, hopefully it all works out). You are lucky to live pretty close to that venue! LOL I can’t plan anything a day in advance let alone a year!


      1. been there girlfriend, got the tshirts. We might need to commiserate over a glass of wine or two one day in person 🙂 LOL sounds like we have similar frustrations! Sorry!


  2. oh no, so sorry to hear about the farm drama!!! 😦 my fingers are all crossed!! exciting about the WEG tickets tho. from what i hear the buying experience is apparently super confusing haha


    1. It is! I’m still not convinced I bought what I thought I did. It’s odd to not be able to pick your own seats. Either way it should be fun and buying those have been the highlight of an awful week


  3. I’ll be there!!!!! Also hoping to volunteer but will figure that out closer to the time 🙂

    Sorry to hear about the farm! Hoping something changes for the better and it works out… if not it just means your perfect home is waiting to be found and will show up at the right moment, but in the meantime I know it’s frustrating 😦


  4. I am gonna get tickets for all vaulting. My daughter is minoring in dance & I figured we could actually enjoy that together (she’s not a horse girl even tho I tried) I’m also interested in being a vendor. The logistics of being there 2 weeks could be a little tricky but what a way to introduce my fledgling start up to the horse community.


    1. That would be a great opportunity! They have some strange rules about vendors due to having permanent vendors on site year round. It’s odd. I’ll be there for one day of vaulting. We need to meet!


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