NaBloPoMo Day 6: Favorite Tack and Riding Clothes I Own

Tack hoarder I am not. I own one bridle, one saddle pad for schooling, one for shows, and two low end but functional saddles. On my part I own two pairs of schooling tights and one pair for showing. My tall boots are synthetic and my paddock boots I bought on consignment for $15.

I grabbed this bridle off FB for $20

I’m not really sure I have a favorite of anything. My stuff is functional and safe.

For breeches I tend towards tights instead of real ones due to fit. After spending hours trying on different breeches only to find that none fit me in all the places, I gravitated towards tights and haven’t looked back. My brand of choice is Irideon. My issential tights have taken the abuse of all my conditioning plus competition miles over 5 years and still look brand new. You can’t beat that for longevity.

Issential riding tights in black, Just Chaps in black mesh and $15 no name paddock boots

I tend to ride in whatever shirt I feel like putting on and none are riding specific.

My saddles are both Thorowgood T8, part synthetic and part leather. They fit Gem well and take the abuse I throw at them. It’s not like I don’t want a better saddle, but Gem is 19 and insanely hard to fit. I don’t see the point in buying anything more expensive at this point in our lives since what I have fits her well.

Thorowgood T8 jump saddle
Thorowgood T8 dressage saddle. Ignore the pissed off mare.

Um, that’s about it. I do adore all my endurance gear which took me several years to perfect, but that is all now sitting in storage.

Oh wait! I do love my cross country vest. It’s an Airowear Mesh vest. That reminds me. I need to do my review of that.

Love this vest. Will do a review ASAP

6 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo Day 6: Favorite Tack and Riding Clothes I Own”

  1. i’m with ya on finding affordable functional stuff and leaving it at that. tho i’m learning that i just can’t do tights any more. the past few years of riding predominantly in full seats has spoiled me and now i feel way too loose in anything less lol


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