NaBloPoMo Day 8: About the Barn I Ride At

Most of my day to day rides occur at home in my front pasture. We rent a small farmette and have access to one pasture with potential riding in the hay field however the guy who maintains it doesn’t really and it is way too overgrown to safely ride in. Plus it is a 5 acre open field without any fencing and borders a busy road. I can only imagine the nightmare that could occur if I fell off and Gem ran into the road. No thanks!

My riding space. Typically Pete is following us around and getting in the way, but Gem is relaxed and happy to work in the pasture and we have made some really great progress in our home rides of late.  No lights means no rides now that we entered the dark months, so I need to figure out something.

Trainer’s barn is more exciting to write about and that is where I get the real work done. The barn is actually property of the city as part of the rec program (along with several water parks and trail systems). Before Trainer came along to lease it, the facility was sitting empty and quickly going to disrepair. Now Trainer is there and leases out the barn for boarding and runs her lessons. The fact that the rec department owns it means that the place is public and anyone can ride there during the posted open hours. I take advantage of this to go up and ride on the weekends a couple of times a month to get work in a real arena. It is really nice to have that option.

Media is always preferred over lengthy words, so lets take a picture tour!

There are three arenas (though I only have picture of two as the third was built specifically for warm up and we never use it in lessons) with the main arena having stadium lights.

The dressage arena (ignore that it is under water, it isn’t typically like that). It is a full size legal court with letters and all. Not sure what the footing is, but Trainer would love to get it changes out. Guess how badly the city wants to??
A look through the barn aisle door. I don’t have a picture of the barn since I don’t use it, but it has around 20+ stalls, two wash racks with hot and cold water, three tack rooms (Trainers personal one, the boarders one and the lesson program one), the office and a bathroom.
Another look at the dressage court on a dry day
The jump arena. This one has the stadium lights, bleachers and a gazebo fro the judge when it is show time. The jumps are permanently set up and usually are set to some insanely tall height.
Like so. Who jumps that high?

Beyond the arenas and barn are the pastures and woods with trails. I haven’t ridden the trails yet, but I think it is a bout 2 miles or so. Trainer has used the space well to include a variety of solid obstacles to play around with. Her most devious plan was adding coops to the pasture fence line so that once you jump into it, you have to jump back out over the coop. It helped scared little ole’ me because I was stuck and had to do it.

And that is about it. It is a really great barn and I am so glad I found it. I’m not sure what the future will be if we ever move as it will likely double the time to get there, but thankfully Trainer will travel to me too so lessons can continue.

6 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo Day 8: About the Barn I Ride At”

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    1. They are really nice chaps. I was really worried when I got them with how light weight and soft they were. I didn’t think they would stand up to the abuse that endurance puts on things, but two years later the only flaw is that the velcro strap at the top that are used to make the fit a little more custom are losing their sticking ability a bit. Other than that they look and function great.


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