NaBloPoMo Day 15: If I Could Speak to Any Horse What Would I Say?

Halfway through the month! These have been fun.

I’m going to assume this means that the horse could speak back. Otherwise, I already speak to Gem constantly. I’m sure she’d like to tell me to shut the heck up.

I don’t follow any celebrity type horses. Or people. In fact anyone who attempts to name drop on me, both in my professional and personal life, is often left disappointed as I know nobody and could care less.

That basically means I’d talk to Gem. The first thing I’d ask her is what on earth she enjoys doing because for the life of me I can’t figure it out. She hated being retired for the few months when Wyatt was itty bitty and it was negative a million degrees in WI and I couldn’t get to the barn. Retirement isn’t her thing. Endurance she liked as long as it was at a race, but conditioning was always a chore she made me slightly dread.

Not the face of a happy mare although this was after our maze lesson which she was enjoying thoroughly, so I don’t know

And your guess is as good as mine if she likes her new gig. Some days when she takes a half an hour to catch I think that she hates it. Others she seems happy and Trainer says she looks like she is having fun so who knows.

So yeah. I’d ask Gem what it was she enjoyed doing so I could focus on that.

4 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo Day 15: If I Could Speak to Any Horse What Would I Say?”

  1. part of me always used to wonder what isabel would say if she could talk….. but mostly i was actually kinda grateful that she couldn’t bc i was pretty sure i didn’t want to hear what she had to say 😉


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