NaBloPoMo Day 19: A Discipline I Haven’t Done, but Want To Do


Yes, it is insane. I have zero ability to do any form of tumbling or gymnastics on the ground. Doing it on a horse would be suicidal. But it looks like a lot of fun.

When I decided to get out of endurance and change disciplines, I began to look for lesson programs figuring I would likely just toodle around with Gem and learn something new on a lesson horse. The first thing I did was research vaulting facilities in my area. It is probably a really good thing there weren’t any near enough to me to make going for a weekly lesson viable. Who knows where this blog would have gone had there been one in my town. More than likely it would have ended with a post about me being in a body cast.

As the WEG 2018 tickets became available I knew I wanted to go on a day that had vaulting. Thankfully, that day also had show jumping too and I believe paradressage which is a discipline I am in complete awe over. Here I am barely able to function on a horse with 100% control of all my body parts and yet here is a whole class full of riders with disabilities out there kicking butt and taking names. Those riders deserve way more accolades than they receive.

Someday I would like to take an intro level lesson on a vaulting horse and get a feel for it. I could totally see me adding a draft horse to my herd someday and teach Dusty to lunge so I could practice. Well, until I fell off and broke something important that is.

11 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo Day 19: A Discipline I Haven’t Done, but Want To Do”

  1. Ooooo, vaulting! I have never even thought about it because I am a hot mess on two feet, never mind having to do gymnastic type maneuvers ON A HORSE haha! You definitely ought to try it at least once!


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