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Apparently Ponies No Longer Exist

Pony shopping. Ugh.

I’ve finally bit the bullet and began an outright, not so casual search for Wyatt’s wonder pony. The idea has been floating out there since early fall however we weren’t very serious about it and I wasn’t actively looking online for anything.

Then his birthday happened. The farrier was going to be at the barn and I had already taken the day off work for him. His party wasn’t until 4 pm, the kiddo loves going to the barn, and we had no other plans. Might as well get the hooves trimmed up and get that stressor off the list of things that needed to get done.

Love seeing him up on Gem

So there we were getting the horses trimmed. After they were done Wyatt asks me if he could get on Gem. This isn’t unusual. Kiddo adores it, but then he asked if we could go in the woods on trail. Um…yes!!!! So I led him and Dusty walked beside as Gemmie picked her way carefully down the trail. I was thinking he would be done in a few minutes, but nope, he kept asking to go down a new trail and then another and another. Gemmie was really amazing with him and way more careful than she ever is with me. Its proof she can be a good girl and just chooses not to when I’m on board or leading her in the woods. Spiteful little girl.


Boy needs a pony. I’m convinced he would love to ride around the yard, go over poles and explore the woods on horseback if he had a Wyatt sized four legged creature to do it on. Hubby is happy because we plan on introducing trail riding with Dusty on foot with the lead rope at first, then on foot without the lead rope. Dusty loves running. Anything that gets him more trail time is okay on his end.

Only blue ribbon Gemmie has ever won

I took to the internet and searched all the local horse sites, horse for sale sites and competition pages. Nothing. I put out ISO ads:

ISO: We are beginning the search for my son’s first pony. Age, breed and gender are not important. A show record is not important. Must be well trained to w/t/c. He will be taking lunge line lessons to start with the pony, so needs to lunge. 13h and under. Must have a good brain and be child safe. $2500. 

We technically will go over $2500 if it is the perfect match, but I figure that’s more than double what I paid for Gem and we aren’t looking for a show pony, just something to teach Wyatt all three gaits and that is safe and sound.


Can I have his two point form, please?

Maybe I’m looking at the exact wrong time of year, but there is nothing out there. Not even crappy, oddly put together, not trained ponies. Nothing. 

I did get one response, but after talking to the owner I don’t think it is a good fit. The pony is sweet and safe, but has never gone above a walk and I don’t want Wyatt to only learn to walk. I’m sure the pony can trot and canter, I mean a healthy sound horse of any size can go over a walk, but he doesn’t need to learn on something that is also learning.

There is another option that Trainer fell in love with, but it is 3 hours away and my schedule is chock full until right before Christmas. I told the owner that I would be in touch and if she isn’t sold by then we would come up with the intention of trying her and bringing her home for a trial period in which we could ascertain a good match and get a PPE done. We will see.

Seriously. Too much cute for me to handle.

But…the intention of this post isn’t to whine. Well, the entire intention wasn’t to whine because obviously part of it was.

The real point was to ask you all how to find a pony. I’ve been on dream horse, equine now and one other site plus all the local facebook for sale groups. Anything I am missing? Gem and Pete just landed in our laps, so this whole looking, trying, looming some more, gotta find the perfect pony thing is entirely new to me. With Gem is was basically…oh look a horse! With 4 legs! Lets buy her!

And well…you all know how that turned out for better and for worse.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!


28 thoughts on “Apparently Ponies No Longer Exist”

  1. if you threw a rock around here you would find a pony LOLLOL. And for a lot less than 2500 for a kid to amble on for trail riding. 🙂 I hope you find one. Ask KC to ask around in her area, ask others you know to ask. Word of mouth. I know the internet is great but 9 times out of ten people find horses by a friend of a friend of a friend. Also be sure to get one big enough that you can ride and have fun on too! Where are you located again SC?? I am going to look too LOL!

    PS remember my blog where i was to find my dream horse and couldn;t? Yeah i find dreamhorse etc to be worthless nowadays. that sucks. 😦


    1. I’m in Greenville only 2 hours from Aiken. I’ve put out the word officially so hoping something comes up. Seems absurd I can’t find a pony someone outgrew.

      One was recommended to me but the pony was 20 and had a laundry list of health issues. Nope. Nope. Nope.

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  2. I’ve got my ear open for you! The pony I had in mind sadly has found a home and he might of been a little to spunky …

    Hopefully the perfect pony will come along soon!!!


  3. Is there a reason it has to be a pony? Around here, I’d probably try to grab up a small quarter horse that has a good disposition. They are tall sure but they have very very good brains (some of them, just like any other horse). And they are the dime a dozen in the west.


  4. Oddly enough, try Petfinder or a Home for Every Horse. Some of the rescue orgs get in solid ponies. There’s one here in Wisconsin that gets 2-3 good kid’s ponies every year. Too far for you, sadly. Retired pony broodmares? A mare that did it all as a young horse and then spent 10-12 years producing babies would have the training without the wear and tear, and may really appreciate a job again with a dedicated tiny person of her own. Search some pony breeds for local breeders and reach out to them. They may also know when one of their production needs a new home. Good luck!


  5. There are a lot of ponies for sale down here but they are quite expensive show ponies aka not what you are looking for. Definitely keep your ears and eyes open for those Morgan Ponies and QH ones.


  6. I know! I’ve been keeping an eye out but NOTHING. And I swear I’ve seen tons of ponies for sale (of course when you weren’t looking) in your price range…but as soon as you start looking, nada.

    P is also the same when Justin or Noah rides, it’s so cute but at the same time I’m all, “NOW you don’t think that (whatever it is) is spooky?” Will keep keeping an eye out!


  7. This is a bad time of year to look. I think some people hide their ponies around xmas because they don’t want them sold to people who don’t actually know what they’re doing. But I have seen tons of ponies up for sale in CA. We had the BEST pony at our barn for years. Kids could ride it, fall over on it, play with toys around it, and it didn’t care about anything. Also drove a cart. I would have paid her weight in gold to own that pony. The owner sadly gave her away. The seasonal trainer at our barn specializes in ponies. Do you want me to ask her or do you want something local? Have you contacted rescue groups?


    1. I think shipping from CA would be a bit steep for the price of the pony but thank you for the offer. I thought of that too and edited my ISO to include that this is not a Xmas present and the pony will have a home regardless of being outgrown


  8. I suspect that both the time of year and the market segment you’re aiming at is making it tricky. I think your description of what you need is perfectly reasonable and fine, but so close to Aiken I would bet that the market tends far closer to $10k+ for hunter or eventing ponies.

    The suggestion of a rescue is a good one, but other than that, it may just take time.


  9. Ugh ponies generally out this way are either broken, ancient or tiny for that price. Although if you are looking for just riding not great mover a hony wouldnt be as hard to find searching the western world, those little 13.3hh QH, too small and slow for barrels type. Im trying to find a large so i can ride as well as kids. Its tough. I got my mare off internet but poniss prob better deals by word of mouth. Hope you find him a great pony, ye loiks so happy!


  10. Wish I had something useful to offer. Our saintly little pony fell into my lap when I posted a casual ISO on my Facebook feed. And one who had done the Colorado Trail and wanted a little girl of his own was dropped in my lap with a free lease and an understanding when she outgrows him he’s returned.

    However, I’d spent MONTHS trawling through Craigslist. Here in Texas, a reputable rescue (for us Bluebonnet Equine is a fantastic one) would be a good idea, and I see someone else mentioned it. But certainly expanding your search radius wouldn’t hurt either.

    Good luck on finding him a pony!! Everyone swears horses/ponies help keep kids out of trouble as they grow! I know I’m hoping that holds true!


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