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The New Routine

Life is starting to settle on the farm. With the new digs came a new routine and it took me a while to figure out what would work best.

Sunset grazing

While I love the pasture life, I’m not a fan of feeding in it. In order to prevent the faster eating Pete from stealing Gem’s grain, I’d have to stand there and watch them eat. Not so bad in nice weather, but it sucked in the rain, cold or extreme heat. I also didn’t like how the horses had no handling unless I was either riding or going to annoy them with farrier work or other such things. It was making Gem a bit annoying to catch and Pete darn near impossible. He tends towards going feral when he isn’t handled frequently.

All this was solved with the new barn. We’ve been bringing them in for feeding twice daily and it has made a world of difference. Gem can now eat as slowly as she’d like since Pete can’t get to her. This also creates a situation where we are haltering and leading them in/out four times a day.  When Gem sees me coming with a halter these days, she meets me at the gate to see what is up. That is a first in nearly eight years of having her and I love it.

Food? Food? Are you sure you don’t have food?

The only issue that has popped up is Gem’s decision that she is now an indoor horse and refuses to leave her stall both morning and night to return to the pasture. It takes a solid minute or two to convince her that outside in a green pasture isn’t so terrible before she will slowly drag her fat butt down the barn aisle and outside. She does so in protest too as she drags her legs and hangs her head. Of course the moment she is out she goes trotting away and rolls, so I don’t believe her antics one bit. Life is hard when you are a Princess. I’ve also caught Pete dozing in the morning when I go to turn out. If I didn’t work all day I’d let them stay in for a few hours.

Her typical post turn out roll

Nashers is fitting in as well. I completely failed to get any media of his introduction to the herd, but it was a complete non event. They said hi and got to eating.  He is being slowly introduced to turnout since I have no idea what his grass situation has been before up in RI. Currently he gets to go out with Gem and Pete during the day and is in at night. I’m not sure when we will let him out at night if at all. Once the spring grass starts growing in a few months, we will be back to shorter cycles until he adjusts.

Wyatt helps bring him in and out. Nash needs to learn some better ground manners as he likes to stop a lot to eat clover. i don;t tolerate horses who pull on you or try to stop when being led, so we are working on that. 

All is currently well which is great feeling. There is a lot of work to do around the place and we will slowly get to it all in due time. Right now I’m just happy everyone has settled in.

19 thoughts on “The New Routine”

  1. I am so HAPPY for you!! So glad it is all settling down. I like feeding in stalls too. Just helps less drama!! Love that Nash is a pony at heart (HA Remus has been known to almost knock me over leading to get some clover, no matter the size a pony always HA)


  2. Aaahhhhh you are living the dream, my friend! I’m so glad everyone is settling into their new routines. Hopefully you’ll have a routine soak in your new tub after each day, too. 😉


  3. I do basically the same thing as you. Stalling only during feeding. I love that they get handled more and get used to that routine. And it just gets easier. Easier for you. Easier for them. And easier for anyone that feeds for you when you need it. My dad made a comment the other day how easy it was and that just made my heart smile.


  4. Such a great feeling when you’ve got it all figured out and all are happy (even if Gem acts unhappy to go out, we know she just feels as though opinions matter..) I love your set up and am glad Nashers is fitting in so well!


  5. it’s so funny how they are all so particular in their stall habits. isabel simply would not tolerate being kept in her stall one moment longer than absolutely necessary, whereas charlie is fine with chillin there all day long. awesome tho that the new feeding routine has improved Gem and Pete’s feelings about being caught! food is so wonderful that way lol


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