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A New Bridle for Gemmie

The left side of the property has all been connected and opened up for horse use. We were going to introduce them to the new space Sunday morning but it alternated pouring rain and ice pellets until mid afternoon. Winter GO AWAY. The right side is trickier to connect all five pastures as there are two wooded sections separating some of the pastures.

When I got home on Saturday, I saw Dusty in the front woods opening up an area to connect the pastures through. I got out and said hello and was greeted with him complaining about needing a chainsaw. I asked what he needed one for. The trees were all small. I went on to tell him to use the ax. That’s what people did before chainsaws were invented, right? Easy.

Well. He didn’t like that and pointed to a tree telling me to use the ax and cut it down. I bet him I could do it and put a new bridle versus an ultra marathon race entry for him on the line.

The tree in question

A while later and I had won myself a new bridle.

Bye, baby tree

Now to figure out what I want! I actually think I am going to get a new girth instead. I’ve been eyeing the TFS Stretch Tech girth for a while now and am not really liking the fit of mine. It keeps the saddle snug and in place, but when I put my hand along it, the front 1/4 is loose and all the pressure is along the back 3/4s. Its in part due to Gem’s anatomy, but I think it is also the material the girth is made out of.

Regardless of what I choose to get, it was won with my own sweat and the death of a baby tree. Sorry about that baby tree.

14 thoughts on “A New Bridle for Gemmie”

  1. omg haha that’s AWESOME! way to go with the axe lol (tho i hope you’re not sore after that lol). and what a nicely earned little present for Gem! i’m no help in the girth department bc i always go for the cheapest, fuzziest, most flexible design bc that’s what charlie wants so that’s what charlie gets (ovations have been my go-to).

    also if your husband is so skeptical of using axes to chop down small trees, he should check out the primitive technology youtube channel lol….(srsly tho, he might actually like it haha)


  2. you are a bad ass 😉 HA. I have the Total Fit girth for my monoflap and love it the leather and the suppleness of it. But i also think Gem would look great in an eponia bridle or something like that 🙂 HA HA your poor hubby hasnt a chance with you 🙂


  3. My husband won’t even bet with me anymore! I think you need to honour the bet and get the bridle, then do another bet and get the girth….. I would have chopped it down too rather than a chainsaw. But you should definitely get a chainsaw.


  4. Hahaha this is the best story!!! Now time to go shopping… though if you go the girth route you already know what you want, but the bridle options are endless!!!


    1. I’m so lame though that it really needs to either be necessary or super worth the money for me to buy it. Her current bridle is off brand and used but I got it for $40 and she looks good in it.


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