My Three Biggest Fans

While walk/trotting 18″ cross rails isn’t likely to become an Olympic sport any time soon, I do need to cut myself some slack. Sure we look a bit foolish out there when Gem spooks at every thing and I’m too scared to go above a hard crawl, but we are doing it and Gem said yes 27 times (plus the jumps in warm up).

Hmmm..perhaps the electric isn’t working correctly. Dusty went and bought a new charger after I showed him this.

Walking away from the show would have been a lot different mentally for me if it hadn’t been for three significant people in my life. Honestly, without them I would have felt idiotic and like it was a failed outing. Instead, I feel proud that Gem did what she did and that we went out there and completed those three rounds in style. An unusual style for sure. But in style nonetheless.


He is my biggest fan and my best cheerleader. He sat in the stands and yelled encouragement the entire time. He has no idea what it is supposed to look like so every time we went over I heard “wow, great jump mommy” If you listen to the videos with the sound on you can hear a bit of him.

He reminds me that we all need to be bigger cheerleaders. That it doesn’t matter how many poles we knock down or how ridiculous we look. It’s about being there and having fun.


When I left the ring after our first round, I felt like a joke. It was that bad. Had she not been there I would have been tempted to scratch the other rounds and gone home feeling defeated.

But there she was telling me how proud she was of us and how good we did. She gets me out of my own head, pushes me to do better and forces me to use my head.

A pretty spring day on the farm. I sure do love living here

She knows where we came from and how hard Gem can be. She holds me accountable for my rider mistakes and errors and keeps me plugging, but also doesn’t let me lose sight of our accomplishments. I wouldn’t be able to do this without her.

My Mom

She has only been to one show of mine but she remains one of my biggest supporters. She called me Sunday morning and sorta kinda yelled at me for not inviting her to the show. I had to explain that it wasn’t really a show per se, it wasn’t timed and no ribbons were given. She still wasn’t happy.

But then she caught me off guard.

 Waggy, the happiest farm dog on the planet. 

She told me the picture of me all dressed up was gorgeous and in her eyes I looked like an Olympian.

It hit home hard.

No matter who does better than you. No matter how bad a round goes. No matter how far away my goals seem to be. My mom will always think I’m a champion. Moms are the best part of humanity.

21 thoughts on “My Three Biggest Fans”

  1. omg so true. It is all about enjoying the ride! And having good cheerleaders.

    and hug your mom for me. I miss my mom so badly every single day. (It will be four years this year April 1st and I still go to the phone to call her!!) I love that your mom wanted to go! What a great mom (And great kid and great trainer too!) 🙂 OH and I dont think Dusty is half bad either if he went and got a new charger for those bad bad ponies (Gem, not enough grass on your side of the fence??? LOL)

    I love this post. Thank you for sharing!



  2. awww this is so sweet ❤ i'm with Wyatt 100% – we all need to be bigger cheerleaders!!! and yea i know the level i'm doing isn't ever gonna be olympic type stuff, but then again ain't nobody from the olympics calling me up anyway. and that's cool – we can still be champions at our own scale lol 😉


  3. Wyatt: “Did you win Mommy?”

    And YES you did!!!! Maybe not a ribbon but you definitely won the jackpot with an awesome kid, mom, and of course Trainer. Dusty, well, he’s good for other things like fixing fences 😂 lol jk, though I died laughing reading your response to Michele.

    You really do have a lot to be proud of and who cares how big the jumps are? You can have your own Olympics and celebrate that win!!!


    1. In his eyes I’m a winner and that is what matters most. At the CT I did last summer, in the dressage warm up he screamed “Don’t be a loser Mommy” really loud much to the amusement of everyone around. He is the best cheerleader ever.


  4. Awww, this is so sweet. Such a wonderful team you’ve surrounded yourself with. I love the story about your mom’s comment.


  5. I love your pictures! ❤

    May I join in with the cheerleading squad? Great job! You guys owned it (I just found the video and your son's "Woooww" still has me smiling).
    Also agree with your mom – you did look like an Olympian.

    Oh and greetings from our fluffy Berner to gorgeous Waggy!


    1. Wyatt makes me smile all day every day. Fluffy Berners are the best! Waggy is all fluff, tongue and wagging tail (hence her name Waggy Tails which Wyatt chose). This is my first of the breed and is get another.


  6. It might not feel like a lot to you some times, but try to remember how far ahead you are of where you were, and to some people the fact you can even go out and do something like this is HUGE!

    You’re both awesome.


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