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Naming the Farm

Having a farm name has always been a dream of mine. Something about naming the place makes it feel more permanent, more special. Like even when we eventually leave for whatever reason, perhaps it would still live on and people would remember us. Or the new owner could do what I did…rename it. But I won’t think about that.

Wyatt cleans Nashville’s stall every week. We ended up getting a pitch fork and sawing off the handle to make it his size. He is very proud of himself for caring for his pony.

Coming up with a name was a lot harder than I thought. Reading through various websites with tips and tricks, it quickly became obvious that there were a few main ways to go about it.

  1. Use your name. Borkosky Farm. Ick.
  2. Copy your favorite farm name from a book or movie. I’m not into copying things outright.
  3. Go humorous. Get Off My Lawn Farm nearly became a reality. It was really close and had Dusty been on board the discussion would have ended there.
  4. Use the defining feature of the place. Hmmmm….
  5. Make it a memorial. A Gem of a Farm. Except I find that creepy.
Waggy hiding in the shade on a warm day last month.

Number 4 seemed like the best bet, but what really is the defining feature of our place? We don’t have mountain views or ocean front property. There isn’t a pretty brook or stoney ridge. No meadow of spring flowers. There is a massive magnolia tree, but we plan on cutting that down before it falls on the house.

He also brings Nash in from the pasture nearly every night for dinner and returns him after.

I knew I wanted a pretty name. I love this planet and everything it offers us and I wanted the farm to have a pretty and nature based name that was also representative of the property.

I wracked my brain. Name it after the pond? Sparkling Pond Farm. Eh. Not so great. Hidden Waterfall Ranch. Maybe, but again neither of those things defined the place.

Then I landed on it.

Waggy’s version of being a lap dog. She either doesn’t know or doesn’t care that she can’t fit.

What we have here is a whole lot of grass. Big sweeping pastures. And then even more grass.

Light bulb!!!

Moonlit Pastures.

Concise. Calls up a beautiful image in your mind. Pays respect to the property itself.


So everyone….welcome to Moonlit Pastures!!!

31 thoughts on “Naming the Farm”

    1. Its massive and right next to the house so you can’t see the house nearly at all. No clue why they put it there r never cut it down. Its sad because it is an old tree and the trunk is gorgeous, but not 5 feet from my house.


  1. Ohh I love magnolia trees! Perfect for climbing!! Sad it’s not in a good location bc I grew up climbing a magnolia tree at my grandmother’s so I’m sure Wyatt would enjoy climbing your magnolia. Also glad you found a farm name you like!


  2. One of the things I was most excited about was naming our place. Husband didn’t care one way or the other (he’s not at all sentimental about such things). SO glad you found a name that makes you happy!!!

    Also, so sad to hear about the magnolia having to go!! I want one so BADLY (to the point that anytime I’m near a garden center I remind my husband I want one). Shame that whoever planted it didn’t read about how large it could get.

    Any chance it could be relocated by an arborist?


    1. The tree is huge. I need to post a picture of it. The issue is that it has shot off so many tiny trees that we have a small magnolia jungle. The first step will be to thin out the area, but it is taller than the house and many branches touch the house. Its got to go!


  3. There is something quite fun about choosing a farm name and you have come up with a good one! My husband is the one who came up with Clover Ledge for us, and second choice was Clover Field (but there is already a Clover Field Farm in the world and a Cloverfield vet clinic here in Maine). We have a lot of clover and a LOT of ledge haha (we literally moved our house 14′ over when we built it to avoid having to blow up the ledge for the foundation!).

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  4. Awesome name, I love it ❤

    And great job, Wyatt!

    What is it with Berners, though? That lapdog picture is so familiar (“What do you mean my bum is too big? Scoot a little, we’ll make it fit! Now, you may pet me.”)
    Then there is of course The Lean, which Waggy seems to be performing with her hind end, too. Full weight, lovingly pressed into the chosen human…


  5. now you need a classy sign by the drive with the farm name on it! The farm that we wanted (CRAZY OWNER GRHHH) was named Just Right Farm and I loved that name!!

    Also, when they did the inspection the roots weren’t interfering with the house? That was what happened to us when we sold our house in Houston. This big ass tree (Cant remember what type) had the roots almost (SO CLOSE) to our pipes under our house. YIKES. We ended up cutting it down before the closing……just to make everyone happy!!

    And after having a tree literally fall down steps from our house and cars yes i would vote cutting it!

    Love the name!!


    1. There is a really nice sign by the front gate from the old farm name. It looks easy enough to remove the ah gong sign and leave the solid post in. I need to do some research on who I want to order from.

      The inspector said it was fine but I’m still not happy with how close it is. Plus it blocks two windows so all you see looking out it tree. Not the view I’m aiming for.

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  6. In an oddly appropriate circumstance, we named our farm before we bought it and the property ended up fitting the moniker perfectly. Firefly Ranch, and every summer our pastures just glitter with the flickers of fireflies.


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