“Um…No Thanks” – Gem Definitely

It rained all day Sunday. In fact it started Saturday around dinner and never let up. It was also in the low 50s. Gross. Facebook reminded me that it was 85 and sunny two years ago when I was conditioning for the 100. This weather sucks.

We left the horses in overnight Sunday to Monday so they wouldn’t have to be out in the cold wet. It was a low of the upper 30s. Nobody needs to be outside in that. Except the Trio do not like being inside, so when Dust went to feed in the morning Gem voiced her displeasure at being inside in the nice dry stall. She yelled at him, gobbled down her food (guess her belly feels better) and when he went to take her out she tried to barge out the stall door with her ears forward and an eager look on her face.

That is until she hit the end of the barn aisle and got hit with a gust of rainy wind. She slammed on the brakes, pinned her ears back and turned around.

Dusty laughed and slackened the lead rope to see what she would do and she went right back into her stall with her head in the corner hiding from going out in that crap. Mare has opinions.

Dusty put their blankets on them and kicked them outside. Gem was happier with that, but still dragged her feet going outside. Spoiled mare. The weather looks to remain in the same pattern for the 10 day forecast: rain Monday, sunny and upper 50s Tues-Fri, rain and cold all weekend. Is it summer yet??

8 thoughts on ““Um…No Thanks” – Gem Definitely”

  1. Hahaha!!! Oh Gem! You are such a character!!!!

    I had a pony named Gus that used to be the WORST horse in the stall (though to his credit he did live in a stall for 1.5 years trying to heal a suspensory injury before I got him) and he normally lived outside except during shit weather. One night I was so tired of stripping his stall every day that I said screw you! You’re sleeping outside in the snow! (It was nice fluffy snow and he had a cozy blanket on). The next night he decided he wanted to stay in his stall and started pooping in one spot and peeing in the middle and he kept a clean stall up until he died 🙂 Horses really can be such funny creatures!!!


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