My Own Future

Before this gelding popped up, horse shopping wasn’t even on my radar. Mentally I had prepared for 2-3 more years with Gem and then begin looking as she starts fading into retirement in her mid 20s.

Stumbling across his ad threw me for a loop and I’m not sure what to think now. I know I’m not ready to put an ISO ad out there and the thought of setting up trial rides and spending my time doing that is a bit daunting at the moment.

After the initial disappointment passed, I began a fevered search of sale ads. I know what I want and what I won’t tolerate. Being so close to Aiken has the benefit of a constant stream of event horses for sale but the downside is that they are either green or $20,000 neither of which is on my list of doable. So it may take a while for that unicorn to pop back up.

If one does, I’m likely to run into the same issue I did with this guy. Apparently nobody else works day jobs in the equestrian world and by the time I can get to a horse, it will probably be sold. Evening appointments to ride after work aren’t considered acceptable either. But I tend to believe that things happen as they will and that the Universe has not only its own sense of timing but a wicked sense of irony and a dark sense humor too.

It could stop raining at some point though

There is one farm I’ve been following for a year now. They have really nice looking horses in my price range and typically have a good selection at any given time. They are in MD however (a town called Tuscarora) and over 7 hours away. I made a date with them for the weekend after my boards to go try as many as they think would suit what I’m looking for. I gave them a very honest list of my abilities and desires so we will see. I asked them to email me a list of what they had available the week before so I could make sure the trip will be worth it. I may not come home with anything, but if I got to sit on a handful of horses it would be worth it. Its about a month away, so we will see what that brings.

In the meantime, I’ve hired a professional to finish my arena so hopefully Gem and I can get back to it. I’ve re watched the rounds from the schooling show we did before I took a hiatus and in hindsight we actually didn’t look as bad as it felt. I think we’ve come a pretty long way and would like to see where we can go with this as I await the arrival of my unicorn. I’m in no rush yet willing and able to jump as opportunity arises and I think that’s a pretty good place to be.

More of this would be nice

24 thoughts on “My Own Future”

  1. Let me know how far away I am from that farm in MD. If i am still in the area, I would totally meet you there to see horses!! 🙂 when are your boards??

    Also since you are down one horse, maybe I will send Remus to you after your boards 🙂 You could play with him while looking! After our weekend, he might not be going quite yet to TN so he will be in limbo 🙂

    PS The right horse will fall into your lap when you least expect it. It happened to me!


  2. i would also totally meet up with you at that farm or at some other point in your MD visit should it actually happen!! it’s about an hour west of me (so Michele – it’s probably about 2.5ish hrs from you) and not super far from where i like to horse show all the time. keep me posted!

    but also, good on you for taking this opportunity to think a little more deeply about what it is that you really want, and what’s really going to matter to you. it took me a long time to come to the conclusion that it was time to think about my horse riding beyond isabel, and the idea of searching for a new horse was really overwhelming. but if we’re thoughtful about it and honest with ourselves, it becomes a lot easier to be really selective in what we spend time/energy on. but yea…. that whole roller coaster of finding something we like, and trying to get it scheduled, and hoping nobody else gets there first…. ugh. i *hated* that feeling. there was one horse i was OBSESSED with and spent two weeks trying to schedule a time to get to him – i would have done anything – but then, poof, he was gone. and it was a real blow. obvi it ended up fine tho bc then i found charlie. so. ya know. that horse is out there!

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    1. I will let you know if it gets to that point! I would love a blogger meet up!

      I’m trying to be very realistic in what I want and what I can afford. Like, sure I’d love a school master Novice eventing machine that can also deal with a schedule of twice a week rides and large chunks of time off without becoming a crazed lunatic, but I highly doubt I can afford that horse. Something will have to give I’m sure, but until I get out there and figure out what I like I won;t even know what that is.


  3. Tuscarora is only 30 min from me and Frankie, def let me know when you’ll be up!! I’d love to grab a drink and/or introduce you to the Frankfurter!!
    Sending good vibes for your Boards, for your arena, and all that good stuff.

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    1. Yes!!! They always sound so perfect for everything and reasonably priced too. I’m a bit worried that they are so big but I’ve seen some smaller ones too. Right now they have a gelding named Pepper that I would love to scoop up!


  4. I hate that I have not been able to keep up on your writings. ❤ You are approaching this in the right way. Be patient and wait for what will be to make sure you do the right thing.


  5. I think it is always a good idea to explore your options! Be picky and don’t settle, and because you have time for this search, you can find the exact right horse! 🙂


  6. I might know of a few fantastic horses that would be available mid/end of August. Only catch is they’d have to go back to camp end of May each year. So not sure if that’s something you’d be interested in. But it’s something to keep in mind as you look around! Camp horses are great bc they’re in a program and you have them for most of the year and they’re gone during the hottest part when it sucks to do anything
    but trail ride in the woods and you have Gem for that 🙂

    Happy studying!!!! Hope all goes well with your boards and then fun pony time will resume!!!


  7. When I was selling Ramone I bent over backwards to get out there at anytime for people to come look at him. But was always super happy when people chose weekends because driving in the afternoon was such a nightmare. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!


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