RVPC Hunter Pace

Trainer mentioned during the long, sad drive home Friday that her prelim horse was back home with her and she was meeting up with Bette at a hunter Pace Sunday. She invited me to tag along.

Back in her endurance gear and looking gorgeous

I then spent all of Saturday in a major funk. Losing A was depressing to say the least. Sunday morning I woke up determined to no longer be sad, so I took her up on her invite and loaded my very fat, nearly pregnant looking mare in the trailer to out run my sorrows.

Ignore that she is fat. That is what 2 months off and a ton of grass will get you

The ride didn’t disappoint. The company was fantastic, the horses all paced well together and the trails were gorgeous. Horse therapy wins again.

It was great to not only get Gem back to her roots, but to share that with Trainer and Bette. Trainer has only seen the frustrated side of Gem and it was really nice to show her off in her element. It gave Trainer a whole new opinion of her.

My favorite black tipped ears. Gem was so good for this ride. She led, she followed, she cantered in open fields. She was ready to get back to what she loves. 

It also showed me just how much Gem loves the trail and how much she hates jumping. We’ve spent the last 14 months working solely on jumping and she still balked at every stick across the trail. Gem doesn’t like this new gig. It isn’t fair for me to keep asking it of her.

Great company. I had major hair envy of Trainer’s gelding’s tail. 

After I got home with her and saw her happily canter off in the pasture with Pete and roll, I knew I couldn’t ask her to continue to do this. No more lessons. No more cross country schools. No more jumper shows.

Helliot is a gorgeous hunk of a beast. Belgian/TB cross home bred running Prelim. And you can see Bette in the back laughing. You can’t help but smile and laugh when she is around. It was the best way to cure the horse blues.

I’ll continue to ride her at home in the arena just for fun and to keep her in shape and that may include a few small jumps here and there but there won’t be any more jumping exercises or attempts to force her into a role she doesn’t want to fill. More paces are in our future. More time spent back on the trail.

Gem spent a good portion wondering why we weren’t trotting and “winning” this thing. She never got the memo that it wasn’t in fact a race.

I still want to learn to jump. I still want to go cross country. My hunt for a partner that will enjoy these activities continues although I feel a bit jaded. There is a new horse to try this week if the rain stops. He sounds promising and if he doesn’t work, well I’m sure at some point another will pop up. Some day I’ll find my new partner.

In the meantime, my current partner won’t be asked to do work she despises. We will return to our roots and have fun with friends on trail. It would be nice if at 20 years of age she could maybe perhaps start listening to my input especially at the canter instead of going off where ever she pleases. I doubt that will ever happen. She thinks I’m useless. Who needs power steering anyway?

Damn my fit 100 mile horse is FAT! Time for a diet and a lot more trail exercise.

33 thoughts on “RVPC Hunter Pace”

  1. Glad you guys had fun. Gem definitely loves the trail, I think you’re making the right decision by not trying to ask her to do what she clearly doesn’t want to do. Another horse is out there!

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  2. How fun! And I love that your trainer got to see her in a new light. I bet she’s excited to get back to what she enjoys. You have some trails/tracks around your property you can do circuit training on, yeah?


  3. I am so glad you went, for all the reasons you stated. Listening to our horses is what makes us good horsemen. ❤ You will find the right horse, keep the faith!


    1. Gem is very opinionated and very clear in her wishes. I had hoped maybe more time and schooling would bring her around. The first time I ever took her on trail we made it 3/4 of a mile in an hour. She turned out to be a great endurance horse. But it isn’t working this time around

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  4. I had so much fun!!! Watching Gem do her thing was great and she was ready to leave the giant beasties in her dust!!!!! Can’t wait for the next one!!!


  5. I think it is admirable for you to be able to admit that your horse has a clear preference and you are willing to honor that. I have seen so many riders force horses to unhappily do certain disciplines and it defeats the entire purpose of why we love these animals in the first place. You WILL learn to jump and go XC on a different horse and you WILL find that horse. I’m glad you had a good ride to remind you and reaffirm your choices as hard they as seem. ❤


    1. Gem is pretty much an open book with all her opinions. Of everything. As much as I wanted to tackle eventing with her it just isn’t going to happen in a safe and fun manner for all involved.


  6. i am glad you went and had fun riding your horse. And I agree, this is only sealing the deal you need a new horse to play over jumps with. And that will happen when you find the right one but you have Gem to do this fun stuff on. And MAN SHE is fatter than Remus. 🙂 She is fatter than Batty (HA Sarah your horse is fat too)…..But she looks like she had a blast.

    Remus only wants to go fast when almost back to the trailer 🙂 HA Gem must be a bit different of a ride (And yes your trainer’s horse is gorgeous and Hi Bette!)….Fun times!! YAY


  7. Those trails look awesome. I never knew about hunter paces until I started reading blogs from the East coast. I have done endurance (lucky teen that fell into it) and loved it, but hunter paces sound awesome too.


  8. Glad you went out and had fun with other riders and horses. It’s good to mourn the losses, but even better not to get stuck there. I will keep my fingers crossed that the weather holds out so you can try this next one, and it’s very true – there are a lot of horses out there and one will come up. They always do.


  9. That ride sounds like the perfect antidote. I’m glad you went! I’m also glad you’re continuing to search for your next partner. That horse is out there!! Keep us posted!

    Also I got 4 and a half hours volunteering as bit check at an event this weekend.


      1. great thanks! i’m kinda having a tough time keeping up haha but i think i had 11 hours by the end of march, and have now logged 8.5 in april. that’ll probably be it for this month too, tho i’ve got a few more shows coming up in may!!


  10. Yay! What a fun day. Hunter paces are on my bucket list. They just don’t do them out here. It’s nice that Gem has a sport she’s good at even if it’s not the sport you want to be doing. I hope one of the sale horses works out.


  11. Horses definitely have their preference in jobs. Gem’s is most definitely trail. You will find a partner who lines up with what you want to do for the future. It will take time but it will be worth the wait.


  12. That feeling of being so set on a horse only to walk away because it failed the vet check is devastating.

    Luckily, when you find your new horse I promise you’ll forget how much this hurt because losing A meant you could find them.


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