The Dynamic Duo Becomes the Three Muskateers

The original plan was the give it about 3 days of passing each other in the barn at feeding time before throwing Eeyore out with the Dynamic Duo. However, one look at the forecast calling for t-storms every day until Sunday and I decided that wasn’t going to work. I don’t want to introduce them in a storm and have poor Eeyore begging to be let under the trees.

Gemmie enjoyed rolling in the freshly mowed pasture after her breakfast

Monday morning I put them in separate pastures while I mowed then pulled Eeyore off the grass for the heat of the afternoon. Around 330 he was due to go back out until evening and it seemed like as good a time as any.

Gem and Pete were in their afternoon shade spot in the back corner under the big maple trees when I brought Eeyore in. He stood right by me and looked around at his new pasture. Then he wandered off a ways oblivious to the other two.

The other two were not oblivious to him though and soon called out and started coming down the hill. Eeyore…well he was a bit mystified. He kept looking over the fence back to his old pasture thinking maybe that’s where they were and not realizing he was in the same pasture as them. He didn’t figure it out until they were on top of him.

They all said hello, he trotted around expecting a fight (he is also low man in a herd which now makes for a herd of three wimps) which never came so he settled in to graze. My two make introductions super easy.

I went back to bush hogging the pasture before the week of rain hits and watched them out of the corner of my eye to make sure nothing happened.

Nothing did. Well, except one incident.

Eeyore found the water tub in the pasture and wandered over. It was hot, another day hovering around 90F, and with the impending storms the humidity decided to come for a visit too. When he got to the water tub he was hot and sweaty and like the bigger than life boy he is proving to be, he decided it looked like a good place to play. He promptly shoved his entire head under water and began splashing it back and forth having the time of his life.

Well, the no fun police didn’t approve and Gem stomped her way over to tell him a thing or two about being a respectable horse. She stood by him and squealed. He ignored her. She then, I swear to whatever deity you prefer, stomped her front foot at him! It was a total Mom move. Dusty and I just about died laughing.

Eeyore completely ignored her attempts to ruin his fun and just kept on splashing and splashing until he was finished and then he walked away to joint Pete grazing. I wish I had it on camera or video. It was hilarious to not only watch Eeyore play but to have no fun Gem get so angry about it. She doesn’t know what she is in for having a young whipper snapper around.

Eeyore will spend his days out with them and nights back in the barn for a few more days until I’m comfortable having him on grass 24/7. We have been slowly introducing the ration balancer to his diet as well. He may need to be put on the Calm and EZ line of Tribute when in work if he doesn’t keep weight with just the balancer but we will see. He was on a high fat diet before so he may need the extra boost that a true grain gives versus just the balancer.

So far all is good though and everyone is settling in just fine!

24 thoughts on “The Dynamic Duo Becomes the Three Muskateers”

    1. The pastures are really doing well right now. We have 3 more “resting” which basically means I’m ignoring them and hoping they mow themselves. Two could easily be baled for hay if we had the equipment

      Eeyore is a major dork. I keep calling up Dudley Do Right. He just has the aura about him. Gem does not approve.


  1. Totally wish we could have pastures like yours! They’re so lovely. And Eeyore is so funny! He totally doesn’t care what Gem has to say about his “teenager” ways LOLOL. So glad he settled well – it is definitely nerve-wracking the first time new horses are introduced to each other lol.


  2. umm Remus has been known to put his front two feet in the trough and splash around, see I knew I liked Eeyore 🙂 HA HA

    Remus can’t do it at the farm he is at now since they have auto waterers but oh the last place he was cussed a plenty at by everyone who was doing water duty.

    I had forgotten all about that. OOPS must remember that later on HA.

    So glad they are settling in together and so cute Gem being mom 🙂 She will be shaking her head and stomping her feet a lot I think….


  3. Hahaha!!! What a silly boy 🙂 cracking up at the mental image of Gem stomping her foot and looking disapprovingly at Eeyore 😂 And honestly i’ll be really curious how he does with grass and the balancer compared to what he used to eat. You have such good grass he really might be fine!


  4. Haha this is going to be a fun summer for you ❤ Your farm continues to look and sound entirely peaceful. Ponies. Mowed pastures. Summer thunderstorms. Great barn.


  5. Every once in a while Subi sticks his feet in my water trough. I’m actually ok with that. What I’m NOT ok with is the chocolate lab who regularly decides to go swimming in my clean water troughs when she decides she’s hot… keep in mind, sometimes it’s 59 degrees outside, sometimes it’s 89. Always it’s swimming weather… that dog.


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