I Have A Problem

When I started horse shopping I made it a point to be realistic in what I both needed and wanted in my next riding partner. The fear of getting something not suitable was strong.

One of the main characteristics on my list was the ability to have time off and not come out a lunatic. My riding life was defined by squeezing in two rides a week if I was lucky with a lesson once or twice a month. I made sure to ask every single seller if a schedule like that would be suitable for the horse I was looking at.

Thursday evening I rode Eeyore for the first time. While it had its frustrating moments, it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Friday was a surgery day from the netherworld. I knew it would be going in though it was made worse by an inopportune shift change between my surgical cases resulting in me losing my A team and getting the F team. This made an already stressful and complicated revision case all the harder and I didn’t leave the OR until after 6pm resulting in me not getting home until after 7pm for the second day that week. This occurrence gave Eeyore a day off.

Saturday was looking ominous however the storm blew through over night allowing the sun to shine throughout the day. By late afternoon I was itching to mount back up and had an even better second ride on the Big Goof. We did walk and trot much like the prior ride only with crisper transitions and less protests on his part. It felt so nice that I ventured to canter both directions and then much to his dismay I broke out three ground poles to work over.

Were it not for the sweat pouring down my back and a dinner that needed made, I think I never would have gotten off him.

And there in lies my “problem”. I searched high and low and focused my efforts on finding a horse that didn’t need ridden very much. A low key horse with more whoah then go. After all, that’s how my riding schedule had paned out before. But low and behold, with a horse that is inherently well behaved with bad behavior resulting in slowing down and never a single moment of anguish on my part, I find myself forcing myself to not ride instead of dreading tacking up. Instead of using anything as an excuse to put off riding another day, I find myself sneaking in time that I could use mounted up.

In other words, the Big Goof is going to find himself with a harder work load than was anticipated. I still keep the rides short and give plenty of walk breaks. Saturday I rode for about 40 minutes with at least 15 of that in the walk so it’s not like I’m on him drilling or pushing his cardiovascular limit. It is still me we are talking about here.

I never anticipated this side effect of getting a horse I am more compatible with. He seems better for the frequency having already understood what lines I drew in the sand. He was much lighter in the bridle, actually showed true bend in the circles and handled the trot poles like a pro. He still wanted to peter out a lot but I believe a big part of it was my fault.

I’m used to my high octane Gem whose trot is fast and erratic. Eeyore is much slower by nature and when we were trotting I found myself nagging him for more. I felt like we weren’t moving at all but I believe that is his speed and my nagging annoyed him as he was actually trotting. Just not at Mach 10.

I really need Trainer to help me get to know him better but for now I’m enjoying each moment spent with him. After we left the arena I was super tempted to hit the trail surrounding the property, something I had yet to brave, but he was sweaty as was I and the Dynamic Duo were eyeing me up for dinner time. Eeyore needed a post ride shower as well so instead I settled for Eeyore snuggle time and plan to hit the trail another day. It may be sooner than he thinks though. Every day I find myself excited to ride and that is a brand new feeling.

23 thoughts on “I Have A Problem”

  1. This is a really good problem to have. I love everything about this post, especially Eeyore’s face! Things will get easier as you get to know him and he may even give you more at the trot. Batt can, he just so often chooses not to unless required to. Those lazy stock breeds… they pretend they can’t produce a more forward trot…lies!


  2. This is the best problem to have and it is absolutely not going to hurt the horse. 😀 Welcome to my life with Gracie. 😉 When I first got her she was on a pretty structured 4-5 day/week riding program because she was so much FUN to ride (granted, we were also doing refresher work and trying to get some extra 500 lbs off of her as well!) Four years into owning her, I go through phases where I hop on every chance I get, and others where life inevitably gets in the way…and I know that when that happens, I can take her out of the field after 3 months off and swing on bareback with a rope halter for a ride around the property. Horses like that are priceless. Take it easy on yourself and ride him all you want 😀 : this is part of your building the relationship with him as you get to know one another. IME, the structure of a working routine while he gets used to his new life will help him see you as his partner that much quicker. ❤


    1. You are right regarding building a routine. He is doing better with each ride and it is taking less time in the beginning to remind him that he is a riding horse with expectations. The sky is the limit right now!


  3. okay not going to lie the title of this post made me clutch my heart a a bit. LOL I was like maybe i bullied her into the wrong horse 😉 HA HA HA. BUT NOPE. What a keeper he is. And yes short, sweet rides are just what the doctor ordered with this type of horse. I can’t wait for your lesson with your trainer though as she will definitely figure stuff out for you to work on.

    His face is adorable and I still love him 🙂 HA HA


  4. He sounds fantastic! And, I bet as you being to ask more of him, which you will do rapidly, since he’s so good, he’ll give you more to work on and it’ll feel like homework again, lol. He sounds like such a solid citizen. SO excited for the two of you!


  5. There is nothing better than loving to ride and looking forward to it. And so exciting you snuck in a lesson today!! 🙂 I have to remind myself to give Ellie days off or I think I would ride seven days a week haha!


  6. What an amazing problem to have 🙂 I’m so happy when I read posts like this because I had a similar experience in setting expectations that my next horse would be fun and then getting that fun horse (who at the time needed some work) and now just loving to ride her and feeling so confident. Having gone through that experience I know exactly what it’s like to go from not having fun with a horse to having so much fun with another and I’m so happy when other people get to experience the same thing.


    1. After this experience I’d tell anyone who isn’t having fun to start looking inside real hard at what’s the matter. Hard work is one thing and not every ride is perfect but I’m learning it really can be fun


  7. This makes me so very happy! ❤ Can't wait for you to check out the trail! I am so glad you worked so hard to find the right thing. A good example of great horse shopping.


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