It’s Cool. I Don’t Want To Ride My Horse Anyway

Friday the farrier declared the abscess blown and Cruze good to go back under saddle. I watched him walk off sound and happy with full length strides and was satisfied with our plan moving forward.

Saturday morning I brought him in for breakfast and saw this

Guess some big orange butthead heard the news and needed to find some way to remain “retired”.

Good news is that it is superficial, there is no swelling or heat and he is sound on the leg. For the moment anyway.

Bad news is that it’s over a joint and healing that could either be easy or a royal pain due to the motion of the skin. For now I put him back out instead of in his stall mostly for my own sanity plus the above no heat, swelling or pain thing.

I’ll check on him regularly for the need to be stalled. In the meantime if anyone knows someone in the market for a sorta sound accident prone pain in the butt gelding please let me know.

I think I’m going to get into knitting.

17 thoughts on “It’s Cool. I Don’t Want To Ride My Horse Anyway”

  1. lol sorry i had to laugh and shouldnt have. I am starting to think you need to send Cruze HERE and I will send you Remus to ride this summer….:) I can babysit your chronic-accident prone horse and you can ride the beast. I am sure Cruze would be nicer to Tate. LOL

    I hope it heals quick and you are riding soon. Brat. Horses right?? UGH


  2. You and my daughter are in the same boat.. her mare almost went up for sale earlier this year!! Hahaaa! This too will pass.


  3. SERIOUSLY CRUZE? Do you just WANT a bubblewrap horse snuggie? Because this si how you get bubblewrap horse snuggies.

    Second for the Aluspray; that crap is magic on whippets and greyhounds and I bet it works wonderfully on horses too.


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