2018 August Winner

Man, I have been slacking. Life is super busy and I doubt it will get any slower. I didn’t think Wyatt going off to kindergarten would add that much to my day, but it really has. I finally sneaked out a few moments to calculate August and pick a winner, plus um…get July figured out too. Sorry Sarah O!

August had a slew of new people getting out there and getting it done with a total of 31 hours being donated for various jobs from working warm up to scribing to jump judging.

Thank you to all who participated in August!!


My favorite random name picker online chose:


Congrats!!! Please email me your address at agemofahorse at gmail dot com and I will (probably) get your prize out to you shortly.

What did you win? For this month I chose a reflective horse collar with a pouch to place your contact information.

PC Riding warehouse. Be safe in the waning light of fall

Sadly the light is already starting to fade in the evenings and I always worry about riding at dusk when others may not be able to see me whether in an arena or out for a hack/trail ride. With this collar, your horse will be visible and have emergency information on hand in case they get loose. Use it while riding or when turned out in the pasture or save it for an emergency weather pattern!

As for you Sarah O, shipping to Canada is proving either impossible or insanely expensive for a $20 item. So….you will be getting a link sent via email with a code for a Road ID bracelet. Hope you like it!

September marks the end of the 3rd quarter so get those hours in for the $50 prize package.

10 thoughts on “2018 August Winner”

  1. Woo yay holly !! Cool prize idea too! Time is seriously flying by right now, I can’t even deal with it haha. Will hopefully have more time at the end of this month and a little into October for getting to move volunteer outings 😉


  2. What a great prize! Congratulations you guys! You have inspired me and today I volunteered a local western fun show. Which was quite the experience! But Fun.


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