Third Quarter Hours

Hey everyone! It is that time again. Get your 3rd quarter hours in to me for a chance at the $50 prize package. This is based on the person with the most hours for the entire quarter and will be the last quarter prize for the year!!!

So far I have for September:

Nadia – 4 hours
Amy – 22 hours
Emma – 4 hours

September was not a very busy volunteer month. I’ll post the winner on Monday (possibly Tuesday depending on how Eeyore does at the vet on Monday and how much alcohol I consume afterward).

October and November will be the final two random monthly drawings leading up to the year end award at the end of December. Speaking of which – I’ve changed the final prize a bit and it will be a surprise worth winning I promise!!!

Finish the year out strong everyone!!

15 thoughts on “Third Quarter Hours”

  1. excellent!!! this fall has been tough to find the time bc the weekends are filling up fast…. it’s possible i log a couple more hours this weekend but not totally confirmed. i’ve got a few more scheduled for october tho!!


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