Volunteer Challenge Check In

This year flew by in a blur. As we near the end of the year and the end of the Volunteer Challenge I wanted to do a little check in for those of you who may be point chasing for year end awards.

October and November will be random draw months, so even if you haven’t volunteered before you could still win something. Even just 1 hour gets your name in the pot, so to speak.

December will be the end of it all with year end awards given out to the Champion (highest points) and Reserve Champion (second highest). In the case of a tie, I will randomly pick the winner and depending on how much money I have at the time the other person may get something small too.

What will you be winning you ask??? At first I had thought about a cooler and a halter, but eh…I’ve gotten more creative and personal as this year has plodded along and I have the perfect idea for the Champion. I’m still working on the Reserve Champion idea, but believe me it will be worth it and I’ll announce them both in December.

Here are the standings so far, inclusive of those who have given me hours for October already. Don’t worry, I’ll do the call for hours towards the end of the month still. In case anyone feels compelled to get out there and win this thing in the homestretch, here is what you are up against so far and man is it impressive:

Everything Pony – 4 hours
Holly – 4 hours
KC – 4 hours
Teresa – 6 hours
Betsy – 7 hours
Carly – 9 hours
Amanda (beljoer) – 12 hours
Olivia – 16 hours
David – 16 hours
Amanda C – 17 hours
Sarah O – 19 hours
Emily – 21 hours
Naadia – 26.5 hours
Bette – 46 hours
Amy – 77.5 hours
Emma – 79.5 hours

Total: 364.5 hours

Dang folks, that is A LOT of hours given back!!!!!!

Amy and Emma you guys are super close, so get out there and get those hours in!! The rest of you still have time to win this sucker. Trust me it will be a prize worth winning.


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