Life Update and October Volunteer Winner

Yeah…this is a bit late. Sorry! Life is ramping up here towards the end of the year. Deductible season is upon us and as a surgeon that means cramming in so many surgeries that my head blurs together. In the last two weeks I have scheduled 12 surgeries all needing done by the end of the year. As of right now, I’m full. No more available time. Of course, that now means I have to get creative in added cases before and/or after office hours. Folks, be nice to your surgeons and if you know you have a procedure you would like done before your deductible restarts, contact them early!

Anyway…my saddle fit/lesson for today got rescheduled due to nasty, nasty rainy weather. Honestly, I was still game but something about getting all those pretty new saddles soaked during a fitting with someone who may not even purchase one was a bit off putting to the fitter. Go figure. She is coming to my house on Sunday instead. Unfortunately Trainer won’t be available but such is life. This fitting is a now or in two months sort of thing so now it is.

Farrier came out on Wednesday while I was at work and did the ponies. He was very impressed with how much hoof Doofus was able to grow with shoes on and is hopeful that he can graduate out of the pads in another cycle or two. My pocket book is too. Going form $60 trims every 8 weeks for the Dynamic Duo to $245 trim +shoes every 5 weeks for the Tiresome Trio is a bit of a sticker shock. Anything for the Big Orange Beast though.

I didn’t get to ride last night due to rain, but it looks to be tailing off around dinner time today so I hope to hop on still tonight. While my arena footing is awful, it remains firm even under water so I can ride in all weather on it so big guy won’t get out of work that easy. He will get tomorrow off and then have the fitting on Sunday. Hopefully I can get back in for a lesson sometime next week.

On to other things. You all stepped up to the plate again in October with 65 hours volunteered. Thank you to everyone!

October was a random drawing month and those involved include:


Using my handy dandy online random name picker, the winner is:


Sarah (from Three Chestnuts) please send me your mailing address at agemofahore at gemail dot com and I will get your prize out to you.

What did you win?

As daylight savings time has ended and it is now dark at lunch time, I figured you may want a head lamp to light your steps as you take care of your ponies at home. I found it on clearance at Riding Warehouse, so my color selection is limited to red, orange and green. Unless you feel very strongly against my favorite color, red, that is what you will be getting. (Honestly though, if you want orange or green instead let me know).

PC: riding Warehouse website

November is the final random drawing so even you you work for one single hour, you have an equal shot at winning before the year is out.

9 thoughts on “Life Update and October Volunteer Winner”

  1. Omg. I’ve had a completely awful horrible I can’t/won’t explain it week. You just made my day and potentially caused me to burst into tears at the reference desk. (I’m an emotional wreck right now, ask Michele). I desperately need a headlamp too. Thank you! Will email and also come back and comment on the rest of this post!

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    1. Hope your week gets better Sarah, congrats in free stuff! I feel like we can just blame on the arrival of DST. Its evil.

      I want a saddle fitter put but am trying to wait a bit to see if pony’s back changes. His girth size has definitely expanded 😁. Cant wait to hear about the saddle trying!


    1. Yeah it is a mess this time of year. I always tell everyone who comes in the summer that wants to wait until year end to call me ASAP to schedule. They don’t listen and then get pissed when I tell them Black Friday is my only open date.

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