A New Addiction

This is not horse related. Fair warning up front.

It should surprise no one who reads this blog that I don’t like to spend money. I don’t have collections of nick knacks and have just enough clothing/shoes to not be naked on the regular.

When I do buy something, I tend to buy quality which generally translates to expensive. This seems counter to the whole “I don’t like spending money” statement, but in reality it makes sense because buying quality equals longevity and cheaper in the long run. It’s why I’m still wearing clothes I bought when first out of college 14 years ago that aren’t ratty and full of holes.

Wyatt is still feeling crappy after over a week. Waggy is snuggling with him to make him feel better

Having champagne taste and a deeply ingrained hatred to part with my money makes the entire shopping experience rather amusing for others and exhausting for me.

Until now. Now I have an outlet for my shopping needs that satisfies my lust for expensive goods while keeping a healthy chunk of my money safely in the bank. I think I’m addicted. I may need an intervention.

Maybe I shouldn’t even pass this little secret on. It could be damaging to others. But what type of person would I be if I didn’t spread the word a little?

All this non stop rain is driving the animals inside to find dry ground. We found this cutie in Wyatt’s Halloween candy bag munching on a lollipop. Thankfully the cats didn’t find him first and we relocated him to the shed

So what is this new shopping experience that has my blood roaring through my arteries, my cheeks flushing with excitement?

Model home auctions.

Hear me out. Or don’t. It’s your loss in the end.

You know all those new, cheaply built neighborhoods that are spreading across what was once rural America like a parasite? The ones that level old fields, clog two lane roads and pave the earth? That destroy trail systems and cross country courses?

Yeah. I hate them too.


Once all the lots are sold, the model home goes up for sale. This is the home typically at the entrance to the neighborhood that is built and decorated like someone is already living in it to entice prospective buyers into picturing their own family filling the rooms. They are decorated like in a magazine with paintings on every wall surface, knick knacks on any available flat surface and each room chalk full of gorgeous high end furniture.

Wyatt worked hard fundraising at school to win a snow cone maker. I was pleasantly surprised that it actually worked

This home is the last to go and once it is sold…well all those decorations and furniture items need to go too. They do this via auction.

Here are the rules:

  • Everything must sell. It doesn’t matter how low it goes. It must and it will sell
  • You have to take it home right then so if you are looking for big furniture items, make sure you have a truck or trailer
  • If you bid and win, you buy. Your bid is a legally binding contract to buy. No excuses. No exception.
  • Pay attention because some items are sold in a big lot for one price and others are sold together but with a “per piece” bid. Example: two mirrors are sold together for the winning bid of $100. Two chairs are sold together with a x2 multiplayer so the winning bid of $100 is really $200. An expensive mistake if you aren’t paying attention.

Ok, Sara. That’s all good but how does this play into your hatred to spend money?

Ah, friends. This is where it gets good.

I went to an auction the Saturday with my mum and dad. There was a nice dining room table and matching buffet and I’ve been looking for a new table for over a year to no avail. Nothing has been worth the money. These were very nice and went for a good price, but not to me. The bid topped out well over what I wanted to pay which for reference was like $150. Yeah, I’m cheap.

My mum and dad were a bit frustrated with me when I’d pass on something very nice for $40 because I refused to spend over $15 for it. I think I nearly caused my mom to have a stroke a few times. But I didn’t walk away empty handed. Oh no. I got one hell of a deal on what I held out for and now I am addicted to this process.

The first item I bid on was a bit of a ridiculously large table lamp. It’s covered in a burlap sack and will look good with the farm house decor in my living room. I was the only one to bid and got it for $20.

A lamp

Any guesses how much this runs online? Keep in mind everything is brand new. This was a non lived in home.


Yup, I got my lamp for $210 off. Google it yourselves if you think I’m lying. It’s on overstock right now.

And that folks is just the beginning.

I lost out on some beautiful mirrors that would have matched gorgeously but it was a x2 multiplier and went higher than I was willing to go. Then I lost out on a few other items that started higher than I wanted and I never even made a bid.

What I really wanted was the dresser and nightstand they had in a spare room. My own bedroom set is a mish mash of furniture from my great grandma and my brother’s hand me down, so all older than I am and not in a cool antique way.

I ended up winning the bid on both. The nightstand for $50 and the dresser for a somewhat gut wrenching $210.

Dresser. It looks a heck of a lot nicer in real life

Guesses as to their MSRP?

$350 and $1,400 respectively.

Yup. I got a $1,400 brand new, name brand, solid white oak dresser without a single blemish for $210!!!


I then lost on a gorgeous horse painting but won the two bird prints for $10. No clue what they would cost, probably around $40-50 at Hobby Lobby or such store.

They look nice above my washer and dryer and for $10 can’t be beat

In the end I came home with 5 high end items for a total of $290 and a value of just over $2,000 to buy the same stuff, in the same condition (brand new) online that same day.

Yeah….I’m an addict now. If anyone is in need of new home decor or a gift for someone else, check out your area for model home auctions. My town is growing at a heart breaking rate, so there are auctions almost monthly. You bet I’ll be at the next one. This satisfies my need for high end purchases at bargain prices and my house is looking nicer already.

18 thoughts on “A New Addiction”

  1. Those are AMAZING deals and I do love a good deal. And I guess the holes are going up anyway, so it’s not like you’re supporting them.. plus by buying cheap you’re screwing them out of money!


      1. Speaking of $$, don’t forget to research the prices of trees in your state, Incase they get condemned. A friend of mine got 100,000.00 from half a dozen liveoak trees, that were condemned by an oil company.


    1. Right? It’s amazing. So many awesome deals. It depends entirely upon who all shows up and wants the same things you do but nothing went for over $400 and that includes the brand new three cushion massive sofa/couch. Pennies on the dollar for high end furniture.


    1. You are lucky. It’s a plague that is destroying rural America. As the old farmers are moving to nursing homes or passing away, the children end up with land they don’t want so they sell to developers. It’s sad to watch these gorgeous fields get turned into housing plans.


  2. You have interesting tastes – I’d love to see the rest of your home to see how that lamp fits in. Love the mantel! Your dresser is awesome, that’s not IKEA! (Sadly most of our stuff is IKEA.)


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