Last Call For Volunteer Hours

Well all, it has been a fun challenge for me to put on this year. I’m passionate about volunteering and I try to fit it in when possible between work and motherhood. I feel like a broken record, but honestly these events can’t go on without the feet on the ground lending a hand instead of mounting up.

I want to thank everyone who got out there and helped even for a single hour this year. Events are hard to put on and it always makes me sad when I see posts begging for volunteers. Of course, there is always a flip side to that and I have worked in adverse conditions with an ungrateful crew a time or two and that puts a bad taste in one’s mouth for the entire affair. Fortunately my own positive experiences outweigh the bad and it seems like that was true for all of you this year as well.

It is the last call for hours for the challenge. I have Emma with hours in December. Anyone else?

Next week I will put together that stats that I have and announce the Champion and Reserve Champion as well as their prizes. I hope those who participated enjoyed it and that everyone who won something along the way have gotten some use out of their prizes.

Happy New Year to all!!

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