This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

This is the text I woke up to Sunday morning:

Three horses inside the arena. On the opposite side of the property from where they were put the night before

Ok…that’s interesting, but how?

Damn shoes gave him away. Dusty went on to add “ Your Dumbaloosa needs to learn how to be a real horse”


Let me back up a bit and explain this.

Saturday afternoon we finally tackled the back pasture. Currently the right half is included in the large pasture that runs along the barn, arena and up the driveway. The left side is the smallest on the property and has been used as our sacrifice pasture with all the rain since it has a shelter and a lot of trees.

The left side lasts about 3 weeks with all 3 horses before it is eaten down past my comfort level. The right side never gets used because it is attached to the largest pasture and the horses never see a need to wander down and around to it. So I mow it a lot in the summer and then mow it some more

I wanted to remove the cross fencing and block off the access to the large pasture to make this all one back pasture that could house the horses for 4-6 weeks allowing the other two a longer break during pasture rotation.

Sounds good.

Dusty worked to close off the bottom by the pond as well as the opening to the larger pasture while I took down the cross fencing and the horses ate dinner inside the barn.

Man was Saturday a gorgeous day to be alive in SC

We didn’t have time to pull the t posts but I figured our horses are sensible beasts and wouldn’t kill themselves overnight on t posts.

I was partially correct.

This folks is why I will never use high tensile wire. Ever. Damage was done to the fence without a scratch on my now loveably termed Doofaloosa

Best we can figure Doofaloosa went galloping about in glee at his large enclosure and remembered from last summer that this pasture opened into the large one. For some reason all the knee high green grass under his hooves wasn’t good enough and off he went.

Except the opening was no longer open.

Pete was really not sure about crossing through t posts. He is a GOOD BOY and good boys don’t go through fences. He eventually got it

The hoof print shows that he tried to stop but the ground is so saturated he slid instead and barreled through the newly strung fence.

This is also why I love having my entire property safely fenced in. Even when something dumb happens, there is no where for them to go.

Since they weren’t out in that pasture, I had been leaving the arena gate open. It’s old. It’s rusty. It’s half off the hinges and a royal PITA to open and close. Why on earth they decided that all the green grass in the now 15 acre pasture was not good enough and they needed to be inside the mostly dirt arena is beyond my reasoning.

Uh…thanks for helping with my arena maintenance issues?

But there they were bright and early Sunday morning looking for breakfast.

In the words of Dusty “He isn’t bad enough to get rid of but damn is he annoying.”

Yup. Just about sums up my lovable, huggable Doofaloosa.

Keep being you buddy.

Pete trying to pretend he was being a GOOD BOY by not entering the arena while still being in a pasture he wasn’t supposed to be in.

18 thoughts on “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things”

    1. This was our first escape in 10 years and thankfully they only escaped into another pasture and not the road. Having everything fenced in is a nice peace of mind but they could always get out of that too. Horses are dumb


  1. Still dying at “Dumbaloosa” I’m rolling over here. That last picture with Pete looking away is hilarious “La dee da, I’m totally not with the troublemakers.” At least they’re entertaining?


    1. He also called him an Appaloser but I thought that was mean. Yeah Pete was trying so hard to be GOOD BOY not really quote associated with the other two. Gem could care less and basically thinks the world should bow down to her and H’Appy is clueless to pretty much everything

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