My Heart is Full to Bursting

Tuesday night Gemmie was taking her sweet time licking her bowl out after dinner. Since the grass is now back in full force, they have all been reduced to a mere handful of the ration balancer. She isn’t particularly pleased by this turn of events and has taken to very pointedly licking her bowl for a full 5 minutes after she is done to prove a point that she is starving. You’ll see shortly that is she anything but.

I grabbed H’Appy and Dusty took Pete and we walked them out to the far pasture across the driveway leaving Gem to her anger licking. Wyatt was out playing in the yard. Dusty and I left the pasture and started walking back towards the barn to get Gem and put out the morning feed.

We stopped in our tracks.

No she isn’t pregnant

There was Wyatt leading Gem out to the pasture all on his own without us asking. He had taken it completely upon himself to stop playing, go into the barn, attach her lead, and bring her out for us.

My smile could not have been bigger. The fact that he stopped playing to do chores was mind blowing. The fact that he can get Gem all by himself was mind blowing. Gem is amazing with him. She tolerates his attempts to show her the world, walks in tiny steps avoiding his erratic path, and when he asks her to trot she trots with the teeniest steps imaginable. That mare is worth everything to me. She is irreplaceable.

My heart about burst.

17 thoughts on “My Heart is Full to Bursting”

  1. That is very cute!

    Tate is like that (on good days) licking every morsel out of his bucket while I wait patiently. Since some days he won’t even put his head in the bucket I take the licking 🙂

    Wyatt is getting so big!! (so is Gem HA)


  2. aw that’s so sweet!! isabel was always really really good with kids too. charlie likewise adores them and is so gentle, but i think he’s a little too big and clumsy to be safely handled by kids


    1. Wyatt can lead Pete but he is so flighty we don’t trust him alone. Doofus is pretty good but he is so ADD I worry he will step on him not meaning to. Gem though. She pays close attention and is a super star


  3. Oh GOOD MARE!

    Gwyn is the same way with my two and I just about cry every time I watch her carefully interact with them. It is such a priceless thing to see in a HUGE animal with a tiny person.


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