Proud as a Peacock

Are peacocks proud? Who came up with this saying? Have you ever heard a peacock? When we first moved to SC, the barn we boarded at had a very eccentric and rich old man across the street. At first I thought the weirdest things were the fully functional and very real cannons he not only had but would also fire randomly. I still have no idea where he aimed the cannon balls. Until I heard it. It sounded like an old woman in a nursing home screaming for help. I nearly had a stroke reaching for my phone to call 911 when the BO told me it was just his peacocks. I still shudder at the noise.

So anyway……

Last night H’Appy decided that the most interesting thing in all the world was the Hubby mending the fence he broke in the pasture adjacent to the arena. H’Appy is extremely nosy. He must investigate everything anyone is doing and hates not being the center of attention. It’s one of the things I love about him.

Staring very intently at Dusty in the pasture. He has donkey ears when he has the in full alert

Maybe not so much when riding though.

I wasn’t super in the mood to ride last night but knew I needed to before the rain came in Fri-Sun leaving my world a puddly mess once again. I’m not complaining. The ground was getting pretty hard and the arena mighty dusty. Some rain is needed.

What I really wanted was to have a nice walk hack around the property but we aren’t there yet and the last thing I was in the mood for was a fight. Instead I planned on a relaxed easy ride in the arena without the mental complexity of poles or jumps.

Creeper status in full force. He had already been in for dinner about an hour before. I was on the porch doing something and looked up to see him staring me down.

Things were going great. He was light in my hands, prompt off my aides and halted the first time square and without attitude. Things were going exceedingly well.

And then Dusty entered the pasture and began his work on the fence. H’Appy caught sight of him and just had to know what he was doing. He craned his neck and contorted himself to keep his eye on the work. He began a strong pull towards that end of the arena.

But you know what? He remained relaxed and calm about it. He listened to my halts immediately. He never once threw a temper tantrum about it.

Once I felt his attention wander off to more exciting things than me, I began work on transitions. Lots and lots of walk, halt and trot transitions all over the place with a few random 20 m circles thrown in for funsies.

Oh hai Mom! What ya doing?? Nothing just trying to get a nice picture of something other than your nose hairs

And while he still used his side eye super power to try to watch Dusty, he kept his ears checking back on me, remained relaxed and supple and did everything I asked of him.

Does this help? No H’Appy it doesn’t

I ended it after about 30 minutes and felt so so proud of him. This ride would not have happened a few months ago. Things are really coming together! Are you tired of reading that sentence yet?

15 thoughts on “Proud as a Peacock”

  1. Isnt it funny what get their attention? Tate knows Gretchen but Gretchen with a dog coat on is something to stare hard at! HA.

    Have you thought about walking (leading) him around the fields and hills that way too. Sometimes it gets them exposed being away from the horses but you won’t have a fight on your hands OR need to worry about being a lawn dart either. Just a thought. Even if it is when you are done riding get off and lead him around the field so he sees it is no big deal.


  2. So I guess you didn’t break him after all? 😀 😀
    It’s amazing how different he is than last year- now that he’s comfortable. I love the creeper picture.


  3. I believe the term originated in the renaissance/late middle ages in France; virtues were associated with specific animals and described that way in heraldry (a peacock in his vanity, a pelican in his piety- referring to specific postures that supposedly reflected the characteristics typified by the animal. (It may go back further but that’s the oldest I know about that is so specific.Peacocks were also the sacred animal to Hera(greek) and Juno (roman)!)

    It’s so awesome watching you guys become a team 🙂

    (Also, eek, think good thoughts for me- I bought a horse this weekend :D)


  4. When I dropped Ramone off at his future new home for his sale trial the trainer gave me a tour of the property and that’s when I heard the tell tale call of the peacock.

    “He’s never seen or heard a peacock before so please don’t hold that against him.” I warned the trainer. Damn demon chickens.

    I’m glad that you had a good ride on that nosy appy of yours lol.


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