H’Appy Must Read KC’s Blog

A month ago KC had posted about Pilgrim’s epic hoof hole. It was gross. A few days later my farrier came out to trim and shoe the herd and I was left with my own hoof hole to deal with.

Yucky hoof hole

I texted KC jokingly saying that Eeyore wants to be like Pilgrim. Ha ha ha.

Life moved on, I got into the routine of treating the hoof nightly with Wunderhoof and every other day with No Thrush, and he stayed sound and happy allowing me to continue to ride him.

Then KC went and posted her latest post about Pilgrim pulling his shoe and going into the hoof boot.

Wouldn’t you know that yesterday afternoon after I left work early to get home and ride I pull the Orange Butthead out of the pasture and….

No freaking shoe

He hasn’t lost a shoe in 3 cycles now (15 weeks!) and the very day I read her post he throws his shoe?


Hoof boots are the latest fashion trend

I think not.

12 thoughts on “H’Appy Must Read KC’s Blog”

    1. I’m taking away his cell phone privileges. Thankfully the hoof wasn’t damaged and the farrier can come Friday. It would be nice if he’s last beyond 4 weeks though. My bank account hates him


  1. omgosh, rotten pony!! this time of year is so hard for hooves bc it’s like this crazy transition from a more dormant hoof growth period in winter to suddenly “omg everything is wet and grass is growing and the hooves are changing!” glad the boot works for now tho!


    1. I’m blaming the wunderhoof indirectly. Ever since I started using it and flipping the bell boot up to apply to the heel bulbs he started coming inside with the boot flipped all on his own. I knew it was only time before he then caught that shoe and pulled it. Oh well. Lesson learned as always


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