New Items, Part 1: Tights

New tights shouldn’t be hard to find but ugh. They were.

The Irideon Issential tight has been my go to since I bought them at Rolex in 2012. They have stood the test of 7 years hard riding and still look brand new. Even after all that wear and all the washing they still fit perfectly. They don’t make them any longer which is a real shame.

While they are my go to favorite riding pants, they do lack a couple key features I’ve found myself needing of late: pockets and belt loops. I’ve also been curious to try a silicone full seat, so I started a journey to find a new pair of tights that had all the features I need.

My heart was set on the new Horsewear Tech Tight. They look really cool and have some neat features plus they come in red and orange horse be damned, I’ll be an eye sore for red pants. Farmhouse Tack has them in stock so I wandered up there to try them out last weekend.

Comfortable yet durable  and the sizing fit me perfectly. Too bad they lacked some key features I really wanted in a new tight. Pic stolen from their website.

It was a bust.

They fit pretty great and I loved the mesh waist band but they lacked belt loops and only came in silicone knee patches. Also, while they had a big pocket it was placed on the front of the thigh which just felt awkward walking around. 

I tried on a ton of other brands including the Kerrits Ice Fill but none were hitting the mark.

Then I found FITS.

Wow. They were perfect.

Light and comfortable I barely felt like I had clothes on while riding

Belt loops: check! Pocket: check! Silicone full seat: check! Light weight yet felt durable: check!

Really the only two issues I had were that they only had a single pocket and I was between sizes. I’ve lost enough weight that medium is now a bit big but I’m still too large for a small. I hate feeling stuffed in my clothes so I went with a medium in hopes they don’t stretch out with time.

Hey! Quit staring at my ass!

I then also grabbed a new Kerrits Ice Fill tank and let me tell you this. If you want to feel like you are riding naked get one of these. It feels like there is nothing on. A glorious feeling as the weather really begins to heat up down here. Love love love this tank and want to go buy a bunch more.

The color is called ink. It’s a muted blue that looks super sharp in real life though pictures  make it look more grey.

Not sure any of you like tights. After riding endurance for so long I can’t stand most materials that breeches are made out of. That plastic feeling crap makes my skin crawl and so many are stiff. I’m slowly converting to wearing a belt though so who knows. Maybe I’ll convert all the way some day. Doubtful though when tights are so darn comfortable. If you are in the market for a summer tight to get you through the hot months, I’d take a look at these and give them a try. I rode last night instead of studying (oops!) and never wanted to take them off. 

29 thoughts on “New Items, Part 1: Tights”

  1. I’m with you on my love of tights and struggling to fully embrace breeches. Great to hear about another tight and the shirt! Sounds like a really great outfit for your hot summers especially. =)


  2. finally tights for riding have arrived in europe (outside of endurance)! they call them “Reit Leggings.” hooray for pockets and cool new colors!


  3. The ice shirts are amazing! The long sleeves really help to block the sun, which I need as I lobster up easily. I’m partial to full seats, and love Pipers. I’m glad you found tights that work!☺


  4. After riding for hours in the north Texas heat in jeans, breeches feel amazing to me lol. But I love tights too! I’ll have to check these out – I’m always looking for a pair of easy tights when I don’t want to have a breeches day. And yes the Ice Fil shirts are the best!!


  5. ooh those look nice! i’ve heard good things about Fits stuff too. personally i’m really not much of a tights person, mostly bc i haven’t really found a pair that was super flattering. maybe one day tho!


    1. Yeah not everyone likes tights and some are just awful to wear. These ones were so comfy! Plus I like having the belt loops so I can wear a belt and feel more down up for a leason


  6. … they dont. make. the issential tights. anymore????????????????

    what am i going to put on my BODY now??????? well I didn’t know I needed this review but thank you for sharing.


  7. Cute, thanks for the “real life” helpful writeup! I love the ice fil tops, though mine have become hiking clothes instead of riding! Good info on those tights. I did just get some ice fil tights, pretty much just for the pocket (I’m not a belt loop person so they’re fine) but they’re ridiculously long. I don’t care if carrying my phone isn’t flattering, it is so much easier than my phone leg holder!


    1. The Ice Fill tights were too long on me as well but I do love a good pocket. I used to use a phone holder but it was awkward getting my phone in and out of it while riding. Pockets are way easier


  8. I haven’t worn tights in over a decade but I am a breeches girl through and through lol Glad you found some that worked for you! I always hate when products I love are discontinued.


  9. Now that I lost weight I’m digging tights again. Maybe that endurance background mixed with wearing scrubs (ie pjs) at work makes me not like stiff clothes too. I like the Piper silicone full seat tights I snagged on Black Friday, although like you they are Medium and a hair big, mostly thru ankles. I have been eyeing the ice fill shirts, just wasn’t sure they were worth it.


  10. I love my PS of Sweden tights because my criteria is the same as yours. Belt loops and pockets are necessary. I love how the pocket on the PS tights has silicon on the inside so my phone stays super secure.


  11. The Kerrits Ice Fil tights are my favorite… silicone full seat, excellent fit, huge pockets on both legs, belt loops (albeit not the strongest ones), and light weight to boot. They hold up better than anything else I wear, too.

    As for FITS… let me know how they hold up. I’ve only had two items from FITS and I’m just glad I didn’t pay for either one. The first was a pair of the “sticky butt” breeches about nine years ago. They were $350 (again, I didn’t spend that on them). The FIRST time I rode in them, the seams split wide open. For Christmas this year, my bosses got me a beautiful riding shirt also from Fits. It’s about $100, way more than I’ll spend on a SHIRT. I love it. Beautiful color. Comfy. Great fabric. Slimming design. First time I wore it, the seams in one sleeve split. I wasn’t even riding that day! Just teaching and trying to look professional. I ended up sewing it back together myself but boy am I glad it wasn’t my money spent on it!!!!

    So anyway… let me know if you have a similar experience (I hope not!)


    1. Wow. I hope I don’t experience that. It’s so funny peoples experiences. Down here all my endurance friends hate Kerrits saying they don’t last even a full season.

      I tried them on but they didn’t fit me very well and the material felt flimsy to me.

      I’ve worn the FITS tights for 5 rides now and they have held up beautiful so at least they haven’t split open right away. I’ll keep you posted in a few months in how they last


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