New Items, Part 3 (and last I promise!)

For this I need all you bloggers to chime in please!

H’Appy needs a new bridle. The PS of Sweden I bought off Michele was meant for Gem and fits him ok enough. I love the dark chocolate color and the padded monocrown but otherwise it’s a bit meh for me. Plus, the throat latch snapped so I’ve been riding without one. No real big deal, I’m not sure that strap serves much of a purpose but still. I’d like a fully intact bridle for him.

Love how it matches the saddle perfectly

I looked at every single bridle that both my local tack stores had and didn’t really like any of them enough to buy. He has a sorta wonky shaped head too. The PSoS is a cob but the noseband is on the last hole and the brow band/crown is a bit tighter than I’d like. The cheeks though – those fit perfectly. I think maybe a horse size would be a bit better and more adjustable.

Donkey ears need an anatomic crown piece

Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • True dark chocolate brown. He is so orange and his saddle is a dark brown that any hint of orange in the bridle would be awful looking.
  • Removable flash or none at all. I don’t use it and won’t until I get with a trainer I love and they suggest I do. The less the better when I’m on my own and that little tab sticking out annoys me.
  • Padded nose and crown
  • Anatomic crown. He has massive freaking donkey ears and needs room.
  • No patent, no loud stitching, not insanely wide. Plain, dark and simple for his already highly chromed out face.

If I’m buying new it needs to be $250 or less (what I currently have saved from my Color Street sales!) but I’m perfectly fine with used. I’ve never actually bought a bridle new outside of Gem’s endurance side pull, so used is great with me.

Love when they all line up to eat

Any suggestions? I’ve seen Lund thrown around a lot in blog land. Anyone have a bridle that would suit and is for sale? I love buying from bloggers!

20 thoughts on “New Items, Part 3 (and last I promise!)”

      1. You will be soooo happy with it. Even with almost every day use it looked brand new! I just sold mine because it was way way too big for my horse and would fit his teeny head on the twelfth of never. It broke my heart to let it go because it was such a wonderful bridle. Cannot say enough good things about it!


    1. I vote for an eponia too. And Remus has same size head as H’appy give or take (big jowls small muzzle) and he wears a cob!! Also Lund and then the one Emily said……

      I do have the one I bought from Amanda (which Remus is using in training but he comes home Sunday) . The one you almost bought till I ripped it out of your hands online?? HA HA HA


  1. I’m not any help because I love my PS bridles but a friend has a Lind and really likes it. Let me know if you’re selling your PS bridle, I’d be interested.


  2. late to the game but saw you placed an order — i was super in love with the Eponia breastplate i got at kentucky last year, and only sold it bc my fitter told me not to use it for my particular saddle. otherwise probably would have kept it forever haha. hope you love the bridle!


  3. So, I loved the Eponia but it didn’t fit June AT ALL. But, she’s got kind of a difficult head to fit. Half cob/half horse.
    I love my Passier Blue. Love my Lund Eventer Series.
    I REALLY hope the Eponia fits H’Appy cause it is a really lovely bridle and will look gorgeous on him!


  4. I’m old school and prefer a thin bridle regardless of my horses size head lol but you can call bridle manufacturers and buy bridle parts for hard to fit heads. I bought an LTD2 from Beval (LOVE BEVAL!) ages ago and bought a separate crownpiece from them to fit Carlos’ large jaw.


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